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The “peace pipe,” as it’s often called by those who only know it as a symbol of the hundreds of peace treaties signed between the federal government and Native American tribes, is a valued tradition that dates back thousands of years. And today, on a 1-square-mile plot of land, that tradition continues in the modern world, ever changing yet firmly rooted in the past. Today on America’s National Parks, Minnesota’s Pipestone National Monument. 

RV Podcast
RV Podcast
Mike Wendland
54 RVers Share the Most Important RV features they Expect in their Next RV
Listen up RV Industry! Here is what Real RVers say are the most important RV features they want when they buy their next RV. We surveyed and heard from more than 300 of them and it's clear they know what they want. And between the lines in their responses, it's equally clear that the RV Industry hasn't been delivering it. You can listen to the podcast in the player below. And scroll down this page for shownotes,  plus links and resources about all the things we talk about. Results of our Survey: The Most Important RV Features wanted by Real RVers We really hope the RV Industry gets ahold of this report because it's pretty clear to us that there seems to be a pretty big disconnect between what this industry is making and what real RVers want. Earlier this week, we asked a simple question on our RV Lifestyle Social Media accounts: What features do you want in your next RV? The response, from our RV Lifestyle Group, our RV Lifestyle Facebook Page, our RV Lifestyle YouTube community and our @rvlifestylemike Instagram followers was immediate, detailed, and well-informed. We had nearly 300 responses to that question, and more are still coming in. But from those responses we seen some clear trends. Here are the 10 things RVers say are the most important RV features they want in their next RV: Four-season capabilities, with things like heated tanks Lithium batteries for coach power Solar panels Office space for remote workers Ducted air conditioners Comfortable beds Stand up dry showers More storage space Pet friendly amenities Quality workmanship They said lots more, so much more we are going to share many of the messages we received on our voicemail line (586-372-6990) and we are going to print some selected text responses we received, too. From them all, we picked 54 responses that reflect on just about every single aspect of an RV. Clearly, consumers today know what they want. And clearly, many think the industry doesn’t know what they want. That’s why we think it so important for these voices from Real RVers be heard. Let’s start with some of the audio messages we received: Roger says local service and creature comforts count the most "Hi Mike and Jennifer, this is Rodger Stambaugh in response to your request about what we look for most in a RV. Number one is local maintenance of the chassis in the RV build. We recently ordered a Wonder we may have to change to a Unity because the local Ford dealer need not maintain that chassis of the Wonder. Next is a large storage area and a full-time bed. So in the unit they would go with the island bed, which has almost the same storage as The Wonder of rear twin beds. Next would be a dry restroom with a separate shower, and ease of dried driving, so it'd be a van chassis." Rod & Carla want a four-season camper "This is Rod and Carla in Topeka Kansas. We recently bought our first travel trailer a couple of months ago. Haven't even been out yet because of COVID but getting ready, learning a lot, reading a lot and learned a lot from this site. One thing on the table we will look for when we upgrade would be a four-season camper. We didn't even know there was such a thing before now. I think we would have to have that for starters. Enjoy camping" Reese wants an AWD Class C "Hi, Mike and Jen. My name is Reese with my husband is Mike and we're calling from Chesterfield, Virginia. We watch your Ask Us Anything show every Sunday night and have watched probably all videos over and over. Our next RV is actually our first RV and we have spent months and months during the shutdown, or lockdown, studying all the different models. And what we want for our next RV is a Class C model with all-wheel-drive, inverters, heated tanks, leveling jack options… things like that. We've looked at the Odyssey and the Quantum and the Four Winds and the Winnebago's and something lately called a Gemini.
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Mighty Blue On The Appalachian Trail: The Ultimate Mid-Life Crisis
Mighty Blue On The Appalachian Trail: The Ultimate Mid-Life Crisis
Steve Adams
Episode #254 - Tina Tempest (Chunky)
It's lovely to interview somebody you've met and spent time with before. So I was delighted when Tina Tempest agreed to come on the show and share what happened during her 2009 SOBO hike of the Appalachian Trail with her friend. She has always had a desire to travel and fills in her background with one or two of those stories as well. Tina went on to buy a property and start what became one of my favorite hostels on the trail; The Quarterway Inn. Obviously, Covid gave her a hard decision to make, and she closed down for the season. If you'd like to learn more about Tina and the hostel, you can visit her website, at http://www.quarterwayinn.com/, where you can also check out her necklaces. Additionally, you can find her on social media at www.facebook.com/quarterwayinn and www.instagram.com/quarterwayinn. In her story, she refers to her Americorps adventures, so you can read more on that at https://www.americorps.gov/nccc, while you can find out more about volunteering with a trail crew at https://appalachiantrail.org/get-involved/volunteer/trail-crews/ Tina also makes and sells Appalachian Trail necklaces and agreed to give one away to a lucky listener. As you'll see below, I wear mine–which I received as a gift at Christmas. All you have to do is tell me, "Which of the 31 AT Maintaining Clubs maintains the trail surrounding the Quarter Way Inn?" When you have the answer, just email me at steve@hikingradionetwork.com and you'll go into the draw in a couple of weeks. In our ATC segment today, under the Know Before You Go mini-series, Chloe De Camara asks "Why Does Leave No Trace matter?" Once you hear Chloe, you may be interested in finding about the story behind the principles, so go to lnt.org. Finally today, Larry Luxenburg's "Walking The Appalachian Trail is all about the middle miles, with a few words from our #1 thru-hiker, Earl Schaffer. If you like what we're doing on the Hiking Radio Network, and want to see our shows continue, please consider supporting us with either a one-off or monthly donation. You'll find the donate button on each Hiking Radio Network page at https://www.hikingradionetwork.com Any support is gratefully received.
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Keep Your Daydream
Keep Your Daydream
Marc & Tricia Leach
Living 24/7 with your spouse or family, peacefully
Before we hit the road fulltime, one of our biggest concerns was how we were all going to get along in a small space. After all, it wasn't exactly easy in a large home when the kids were in school and we had plenty of time apart. In this podcast, we both come to the table with three ideas that may help you when traveling or getting through quarantine! To participate in the conversation, go to https://www.keepyourdaydream.com/111/ Topics discussed: * The Golden Rule does not apply to relationships * What are you bringing to the table? * Have important conversations about what you need, when you don't need it! * Creating personal space even when space is limited * Have a premeditated plan for how you will respond to avoid reacting * Focus on the bright spots Books Mentioned in this Podcast: As Trish mentioned in this podcast, what are you bringing to the table? Meaning, what are we learning and focusing on to move the conversation forward? Often when we're not focused on growth and instructional information it's easy to succumb to talking about people, gossip and conversations that are not aligned with your dreams and goals. Below is a list of the books mentioned in this podcast: * The Five Love Languages - Book or Audible * The Four Tendencies - Book or Audible * Personality Plus - Book or Audible * Can't Hurt Me by David Goggins - Book or Audible Feedback? Did you like this podcast? What did you learn? What suggestions do you have to help get along with your spouse, partner or family? Leave your comments below!
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