RC Spotlight - Smashing age barriers with Kumar Rao
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Welcome to a special edition of the Run to the Top podcast where we’re turning the tables and hearing from athletes like you who are accomplishing incredible things with their running! We’re calling it RC spotlight and today’s episode is all about a runner with an incredible story defying age and expectations. 

His name is Kumar Rao and competing in the 70+ age category, he’s been smashing records in everything from the 5k up to the marathon. Over the course of this episode you’ll hear from Kumar and his coach Alex Ostberg about these amazing accomplishments including:

  • How Kumar trains to perform at a high level as a masters athlete
  • The lessons he has learned while preparing for these races
  • What inspired Kumar to pick up running including his future goals in the sport
  • And we’ll even chat about what other runners can learn from his amazing story
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