The Why and How to Increase Your Mileage Safely
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For many runners, increasing their mileage is a goal that’s difficult to do when gearing up for a race due to the need to focus on workouts and all that goes into proper race specific training.

Thus, the time between races is an awesome opportunity to work on increasing your mileage.

Today, we’re joined by Ryan Warrenburg, one of the coaches at On Zap Endurance, an elite marathon group based in North Carolina. 

He's an expert in aerobic development for runners of all ages and ability levels, so today he's going to talk with you about…

  • The benefits of increasing your mileage and why it’s the biggest limiter for most adult runners.
  • How to increase your mileage safely and effectively and reap the benefits.
  • Plus tips and tricks to make running more miles easier. 
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