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Episode 156 - Nat's What I Reckon (Comedian, Viral Videos)
Nov 29, 2018 · 1 hr 5 min
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We're back for round 2 with Nat's What I Reckon. I caught up with Nat almost a year ago (episode 111) and thought it would be fun to see what he has been up to this year since we last spoke.

In 2018, Nat has taken his comedic video commentary to the next level. With a butt tonne of videos put out this year, there are now more 11 million views on Facebook alone. Before he knows it, he'll be a cultural icon and have his own pin ups in the back of TV Week (does that still exist?).

Without Nat shining a light on many of life's oddities, I would have never taken notice of tissue boxes resting near the back windshields of a stupid amount of Toyota Camrys or wonder how utterly ridiculous a home display centre truly is.

I even look at Jim Beam fondly these days (shock horror), as a symbol of newly acquainted friendships rather than a simple rough as guts bottle of bourbon.

It's amazing how much of the absurd consumes our day to day existence without ever taking any notice or just accepting things they way that they are. Luckily we have Nat pointing out the ludicrous and taking the piss out of it for our enjoyment.

Have a squiz at some of Nat's videos in the show notes and give him a follow on social media. Good on ya champ!

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