Go All In
Go All In
Jun 19, 2018
Going All In with the Expat Business Hero Alex Congdon
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If you’ve ever lived in another country that is not your own, you know how isolating it can be. Sure, the adventure is fun and its empowering to build a life for yourself with nothing but your skills and personality. What about the ultimate challenge of setting up a brand-new business in a country that is not your own! Talk about GOING ALL IN!
For some, business comes easy, but even for the most experienced of us building a new business in a new country can be very daunting to say the least. Our guest today is a fellow podcaster whose show is called “Expat Business Hero.”
Alex is a brit who has lived abroad in Europe for the past 14 years. He has worked all over Europe including in Germany, the UK and Sweden. He now resides in Geneva in Switzerland.
There were many times in his corporate career where he wished that the morning train would keep going past his stop and not let him off.
Like all business owners, there comes a point when you have to GO ALL IN, and for Alex, it happened at 3am one morning when he got up after tossing and turning all night and just decided that the huge opportunity he was sitting on was not going to pass him by.
Fast forward 14-years and now Alex runs his very own super successful property business. His highly refined management skills, coupled with the very best team a property guy could ask for has, ensured his ongoing success, and the growth of his business.
Coaching and mentoring corporate executives to become independent of their employment and transition into their own business is also a deep passion of Alex’s.
When you marry his leadership skills with his ability to articulate virtually any message I can pretty much guarantee that you will learn something about setting up a business in a foreign land in this interview.
I’m excited he’s here so please help me in welcoming Alex Congdon.



https://www. instagram.com/alexcongdon3112

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