Go All In
Having it all, losing it all and Going All In to get it back with Khaysan Kimberlin
Aug 28, 2019 · 1 hr 14 min
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On EP95 I sat down with Khaysan Kimberlin from Project Athlete.

Who here listening or watching has ever bought into the idea of passive income. I think we all have. Maybe it’s a generalisation but I would say that we all want to get to a point either with our businesses or our investments or both that we have enough passive income to cover our bills, not to work and have some surplus to live the life we want.

Well our guest today achieved that and much more very early on in her life and she was loving and living the life that she wanted. But in all of that success she tells us that the whole business and the ideas that were behind it all didn’t properly align to her deepest core values.

There was nothing wrong with it but in the hierarchy of importance and values this business was a number 2 not a number on and that became the undoing of all the hard work that she had put in.

Khaysan has done more work on her inner self than most of us will do in our whole lives. She has had to reinvent herself and fight to get back on the field to give herself a chance to score another goal in business.

In that process of reinvention she had to go all in and it took her on a journey of self discovery.

You’re going to love Khaysan’s Go All In story and I know you’ll be inspired to do more after hearing it.

Connect with Khaysan on the details below:

Find out more about the show: https://www.goallin.com.au/

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