Go All In
Complete Recovery from Lyme Disease - Going All In with Hannah Green
Jun 13, 2018 · 58 min
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On today’s show our guest is Hannah Green. Hannah has an epic GO ALL IN story that will take you on a journey from debilitating chronic illness to complete and total recovery.

Hannah was struck down by a mystery illness in 2006 and was misdiagnosed by more than 10 doctors in 2 different countries. Eventually she found out that she had an incurable case and was in the late stages of Lyme Disease.

Now if you don’t know what that its, Lyme disease is an infection usually transmitted by ticks. The nasty little bugs pass on bacteria that create various symptoms that are very hard to diagnose and reek all types of havoc with your bodies chemistry. The biggest cause of death from Lyme disease is actually suicide which demonstrates the serious nature of the symptoms that never seem to stop.

Once Hannah was correctly diagnosed, she decided early on that conventional medical treatment and antibiotics were not the route that she wanted to take and after months of research and close collaboration with some incredible naturopaths here in Australia, she created a 4-step plan to recover.

Subsequently Hannah has enjoyed a total recovery from a so called incurable chronic disease through natural and cost-effective remedies.

Hannah’s GO ALL IN story is one of hope and I’m, pleased to say that she is fully recovered and now working to help others with this insidious disease.

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