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Awaken the Wild Lion Within and Go All In with Scott Epp
Jul 12, 2019 · 1 hr 4 min
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Welcome to the #goallin podcast, I’m your host Robert Brus and I’m proud to be bringing you these stories of everyday heroes from Sydney Australia.

Today on the show our guest is Scott Epp from abundance coaching.

As you’ll hear in the interview Scott has been kind enough to give you, the listener, a copy of his book which is called "Awaken the Wild Lion Within."

I love this title because it’s a metaphor for so many things in life and it is perfectly aligned to the go all in mindset that we discuss on this podcast.

Let me explain. Everyone of us has something creative inside of us wanting to come out. Maybe you’re a writer and you want to tell a story, maybe you’re a photographer and want to create the most beautiful images you’ve ever seen. Maybe it’s something you’ve never shared with anyone before.

The point is that each and every one of us has a burning passion and desire to bring something that is hidden within us out - its part of the human condition. That thing is the lion that is just waiting to be awakened, and when it’s time to come out you are going to need to go all in.

Scott is an expert at helping people to awaken the wild lion within. He’ll help you to really understand your core values and live a life that is not only true to yourself but one of absolute abundance.


Connect with Scott on the details below:

👉 GRAB YOUR FREE AWAKEN THE WILD LION WITHIN EBOOK: https://abundancecoaching.com/lion/

✅ ENROL in your ONE Commitment for the Year Course©: https://www.coachemy.com/one-commitment and get 50% Off (only $13.5USD) with the coupon code: goallin
✅ CHECK out Scott's Corporate Training - Proficient Speaker and Emcee Workshop© at: https://www.breakthroughcorporatetraining.com.au/…/profici…/
👉 To find out more about the show visit: https://www.goallin.com.au/
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