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Going All In and Creating an Expert Message that Connects with Jacqui Jubb
Jul 23, 2019 · 1 hr 16 min
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Today on the show our guest is Jacqui Jubb from jacquijubb.com

Jacqui is a lawyer and prosecutor now turned copywriter and writing mentor. She works with coaches, consultants, creatives and experts of all types to help them turn their creative genius and their IP into sales copy that converts.

Now if your new to the go all in podcast, welcome, it’s great to have you here and if your back for more welcome back. If you’re a first time listener I might need to give you a little context for this show in particular.

For the last 12-years or so I have been involved in the digital marketing space. I’ve seen the rise of social media and what now seems like the endless new platforms coupled with all sorts of wild and exotic strategies for getting your marketing to stick.

In all of that I still have people ask me what platform they should be on. Should I be on google, Facebook, Twitter where else should I be. And for me the answer is always the same: You need to be everywhere but the most important thing is your message. Is your message the same on all of those platforms or is it different because of the text and image limitations?

At the end of the day you can have the best budgets, the best website and the best of intentions but if your copy is lousy you won’t make any money. So for me its always been much less about platforms or silos and always about the copy.

Ask yourself, is the copy on your website or in your marketing getting you the results you want or are you blaming the platforms for it not converting?

As you’ll hear Jacqui is an expert at crafting a message that connects and resonates with an audience and it is that connection that will bring you customers.


Connect with Jacqui on the details below:

Grab your free guide here: bit.ly/2FFRbao

To find out more about the show visit: https://www.goallin.com.au
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