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S4 EP121 Mad as Hell - Your reality check with Rob
Mar 19, 2020 · 17 min
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Now to be clear this podcast and video is not for your kids, if they are listening or they are within ear shot either pop in your headphones or switch off until they are out of ear shot. Again, this is not for kids so please take a moment to do what you need to if they are around.

The Chinese people are NOT responsible for this pandemic, the CCP are. They allowed that wet market despite all of the warnings about SARS, bird flu and swine flu, they silenced the people trying to help, they covered it up, they lied to the world and now the genie is out of the bottle communism is once again highlighted for what it is - and in my view that is a hateful murderous bunch of gangsters that don’t care about anything but themselves.

I’m mad as hell, in fact I am madder than 1 million mad people can be all at once.

I’m mad that you are locked in your home
I’m mad you have lost your job
I’m mad you can’t pay your bills because your income has stopped
I’m mad that you are fighting and arguing in the supermarket because of stupid trivial things
I’m mad that you cannot visit your elderly parents and relatives
I’m mad your kids are scared
I’m mad you can’t even walk your dog because of the lock down

The list goes on, but to be clear I am not mad at the Australian government or Scomo. He is doing the best he can with the people he has and trying as hard as he can to make the right decisions. Whether you agree with me or not, the fact is he is trying and doing his best and this is not a beat up on the Australian government or our leaders in any way.

No I’m mad because it just didn’t need to be this way.
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