Go All In
Going All In as a Socially Responsible Entrepreneur with Joel Hanna
Jun 7, 2018 · 41 min
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One way to describe the go all in philosophy is to say that you are going to do something about it. You might be sick of the way your life is going, your finances, your relationships or you may have had enough of what you are seeing in society.
But how many of us really do something about it? We have all sorts of media coming at us every day both good and bad, and when you see a story or read an article that strikes at the core of your beliefs how often does it move you to act?
Sure, you might get upset for a while but are you going to do something about it? Our guest today has done something about what he believes is important, it and when I tell you what it is it will really make you think about our responsibility to future generations.
Joel is the co-founder of Big Little Brush. His business sits right at the intersection of social and environmental issues today. He asks the question, “What can we, as consumers, do today to make a difference?” And it is a great question. Joel’s company manufactures and distributes a toothbrush that is made from bamboo and nylon which is completely bio degradable.
Just imagine, every tooth brush that has ever been made is still around today in land fill somewhere and will take more than 600 years to degrade!
Now if I’m completely honest, I never gave a moment’s thought to my toothbrush, but when Joel put it into context for me, and showed me with his business, that he is doing something about it I knew he had an amazing go all in story. Things don’t need to stay the same and we can do something about it, especially the environment.
As custodians of this land we are responsible for handing it off in a better state than we found it to the next generation however we don’t seem to be doing that. Joel is a guy that is going all in and making a decisive change for the better.


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