132. Garage Cricket, with Marnus Labuschagne
1 hr 31 min
Justin Langer reflects on Neser, schedules and the Sheffield Shield, so we consider crowd noise, sport as art and what the fuck is happening on Michael Vaughan’s Instagram.

Does one 50 in the IPL represent a good return on a $3.1m investment? Is Steve Smith still looking at Jos Buttler? What is a Maxwell and many other questions remain unanswered in the UAE.

There’s also tattoos, Heather Knight on Black Lives Matter and match fixing in the 80s.

Marnus Labuschagne is back on the show to discuss knicking blokes off at grade training, backyard Test cricket, getting his average above 65 and not setting goals.

#AskTGC involves being fathered by your grandfather, Steven bradburying into first grade and how to pick up grade cricketers in north London.

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Dyl & Friends
Dyl & Friends
Dylan Buckley
Chris Judd: The GOAT
This week on the show is one of, if not the best player the game has seen, Chris Judd. I don't get nervous before many eps but this week was different, as per he was nothing but class and very generous with his time! Juddy now spends his time building his investment media company Chris Judd invest as well as his sporting apparel brand Jagged. We touched on it all and he opened up about the highs and lows of his decorated career as well as some of his ideologies that transcend the oval. He is a seriously intelligent guy and It was an honour to sit down and learn from how he has got to where he has, once you listen you will realise why he is so successful! Cant thank Juddman enough for his time, hope you enjoy this as much as I did! In some other exciting new. The Dyl & Friends new merchandise drop is now available at all good merch stores and the only one I know of is www.dylandfriends.com/shop check it out!! -------- *Chris Judd* *Instagram - *https://www.instagram.com/cjayfive/?hl=en *Podcast - *https://www.chrisjuddinvest.com/shows/masters-of-the-market *YouTube - *https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAt5tyKQlyCnYr1H9hreptw *Contact* *Email - enquiries@dylandfriends.com* *Instagram - @dylbuckley @dylandfriends* *Youtube - **https://www.youtube.com/dylandfriends** * *Facebook - **https://www.facebook.com/dylanandfriends** * *Twitter - **https://www.twitter.com/dylan_buckley** * * * *The Dylan & Friends Podcast is produced by Dylan Buckley & Sam Bonser.* *Damon Jackman of Creative Edge Films is responsible for video production.* *Kenny Creations is responsible for the branding and design.*
57 min
John Cadogan
Don't Buy: 2022 Land Rover Defender (& here's why)
New Land Rover Defender - so damn sexy. Also, lemon of the year 2020 contender. Yessssss! And Land Rover ‘Straya - one of the more low-rent automotive brands in the country. Again. Still. Grubby attack on the freedom of speech, too.    IMPORTANT: Olight torch 10% off AutoExpert discount: Link: https://bit.ly/3pA9nYi then use the code AEJC10   Save thousands on any new car (Australia-only): https://autoexpert.com.au/contact AutoExpert discount roadside assistance package: https://247roadservices.com.au/autoexpert/ Did you like this report? You can help support the channel, securely via PayPal: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=DSL9A3MWEMNBW&source=url Chris Garcha recently decided he had too much money and not enough pain in his motoring life. He fell in lust with a Defender and its rolling WiFi hotspot capability … so he dropped $95,000 on this regrettable infatuation.  That’s at least four years worth of inspirational - and very stern - some would say ‘merciless’ - flogging, at current market rates. Just saying.  Hilariously, despite the hotspot being advertised on Land Rover Shitsville’s website, it wasn’t actually fitted to, or available in, Mr Garcha’s Defender. Missed it by ‘that much’. The dealer offered him a WiFi dongle. It’s hardly the same thing.  Then they offered to swap the vehicle over for an MY22 Defender, at no cost, which apparently will have WiFi capability. If it ever gets here.  A War & Peace e-mail from a dude named ‘Anthony’ ensued - the team leader of the so-called Land Rover Shitsville Customer Relationship Centre. I do find it frankly remarkable that you can be a $100,000-ish customer, and yet not be entitled to know the name (like, the full name) of the person you’re dealing with at head office, whose core function is relationship restoration. Way to build a relationship, dickheads.  Bottom line - Land Rover can’t supply a replacement Defender for 18-24 months. They’re not prepared to let Mr Garcha drive his depreciating shitbox for that time, awaiting said replacement. And they can’t guarantee the specifications of the replacement in any case.  So, they offered Mr Garcha a refund of $95,000 and a $6000 ex-gratia payment - subject to him signing their filthy gag order. Essentially, this represents the refund Mr Garcha seems entitled to, under Consumer Law, because the product did not match the description and promises made about it by the manufacturer.  (Only, without any admission of fault by Land Rover or the dealer.) Plus $6000 to shut up about this for eternity, lest all of Land Rover’s lawyers come after Mr Garcha for damages, as only arsehole corporate lawyers can.  Remember: Land Rover is not being generous here. A full refund is a legislated consumer entitlement in these circumstances. Circumstances about which there appears to be no dispute. It seems to me Land Rover Shitsville is simply not above using its power to leverage Mr Garcha’s understandable dissatisfaction - and holding out a carrot in exchange for a gag. Seems asymmetric. And morally reprehensible.  The mafia does business this way, seemingly. Just change a few details and this becomes exactly the kind of deal you’d enter into with John Gotti. I’m trying to see an ethical dimension here. I really am trying to see a moral justification for giving Land Rover the benefit of the doubt, in relation to this conduct, and I am failing.
25 min
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