Up and Away
Up and Away
Oct 2, 2020
Bevan Anderson: Founder of AvPlan EFB
1 hr
Welcome to Episode 9 of Up and Away, the Australian Aviation Podcast!

This week I'm joined by Bevan Anderson, the founder and creator of AvPlan EFB and AvSoft.

Many of you might be aware of EFBs and perhaps are already even using them in flight. For everyone else, EFB stands for Electronic Flight Bag, and it is essentially an app that gives you everything you need to plan a flight!

Bevan founded AvPlan EFB back in 2010 and since it has become one of the most popular EFBs available. We talk about how he came up with the idea, how the software has developed over the years, and how he sees the future of digital technology in the cockpit.

If you’re thinking of giving AvPlan a go, head over to their website www.avplan-efb.com, or search AvPlan in the App store on your preferred device.

Once again, thanks for your support!

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