Rule of Thumb
Penny Terry for The Women's Legal Service Tasmania
SEASON TWO: It's hard to help fix a problem we don't really understand. Family violence is complex and often hidden. Season Two of Rule of Thumb helps us all to understand the many different types of abuse that people experience and in doing so outlines the practical things that we can all do to take effective bystander action, safely. You'll learn to recognise the signs, what to say, what to do and how to "train people out of it". THis project was funded by the Tasmania Government through the Department of Communities as part of the COVID19 family violence response. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SEASON ONE: Do you expect the law to apply equitably to men and women? Yeah, so did I. In this podcast we hear women, their lawyers and their counsellors describe the way the legal process plays out, and how common it is for women to find themselves at a legal disadvantage even before the process begins. This podcast will get uncomfortable, because it seems the more we understand the application of the law and how it impacts women, the more uncomfortable the law becomes. But there's something about these very real, uncomfortable stories that will prepare us to get the best from the legal system we've got. This Women's Legal Service Tasmania Domestic Violence Unit project has been funded through the Australian Government's Women's Safety Package in response to rising family violence in our communities. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE: This podcast discusses family violence which may be triggering for some listeners. It also contains legal information which is not intended as legal advice. You will find contact details for individual legal advice and family violence support services in the episode show notes.
Rule of Thumb
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