Wild Hearts
Blackbird Ventures
Wild Hearts is a podcast dedicated to sharing the real stories of founders - the passionate few taking giant leaps forward. In this series, we'll uncover the stories of founders navigating their way through the often messy and difficult ups and downs of building a business. We'll share lessons from founders who are knocking at the door of success. Founders who are on the front line of innovation. The ones in the weeds with their customers, the learn it alls. The founders with laser-focused, unrelenting ambitions. There's a bias in covering the success stories of founders -in telling the stories of the big winners after they've done the hard yards. You won't find that in this podcast. What you will find are stories of grit and potential. Founders running at milestones, fast. You'll discover the ones that move the fastest, win. If you want to hear from those founders, then this podcast is for you. We'll also hear from the investors who have backed them. The first believers, who are trying to earn a courtside seat to the best business stories of our time. Each episode, these investors will share their everything from first impressions of the founders, to what made their story worth investing in. At Blackbird, we believe those in the front row seat have the best view of the game, and the right context to make great investment decisions.
Wild Hearts
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