Welcome to Motherhood Podcast
Natasha Sau
How much should my baby sleep? How often should I feed my baby? Why is my baby crying? Am I a good Mother? What do I do now my baby is here? Let me ask you this - how much time have you put into working out what to do once your baby arrives? You really do need a manual at times to know what to do. The 'Welcome to Motherhood' podcast, hosted by Natasha Sau, will guide you on your motherhood journey from birth onwards, helping you make educated decisions for your baby, family, motherhood style and sanity!! Each podcast episode will educate you by sharing current research in an easy to follow manner as well as giving you tried and tested tips, emotional support, straight to the point ins and outs, but more importantly... you will gain the reassurance you need to know YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB! All covered in episodes less than 30 minutes to ensure you can listen whenever you get the chance. Listen to Natasha herself along with an array of guest speakers including lactation consultants, maternal mental health experts, postpartum maternal health specialists, inspirational and awe inspiring mothers changing the world they live in daily. So are you going to jump on in and help make your motherhood journey that little bit easier?
Welcome to Motherhood Podcast
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