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Elgar Welch talks about the media monitoring landscape
2 Aug 2020 · 38 mins
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Streem delivers comprehensive and real-time Print, Online, TV, Radio and Social media monitoring and analysis to some of Australia’s largest corporate and government organisations.

Elgar Welch, CEO joins us today to talk about the Streem Platform, its role in disrupting the media commentary and monitoring market and the shifts in the media sector more broadly.

In this episode, we discuss:
  • Increased demand in media commentary and monitoring, particularly during the COVID-19 Pandemic. We discuss how Streem has shifted to meet these rising consumer demands, with a focus on speed, accessibility, accuracy and trust.
  • The benefit of integrating different media channels and types with analytic capabilities to provide a holistic and informed view for the customer, acknowledging that not all content is the same or valued the same but it is important to get it all at the same time
  • Different use cases and how the Streem platform has been used by different players in different industries
  • Balancing competing priorities of speed and accuracy when disseminating information, especially in a tech-enabled environment
  • The seismic changes in the media sector in recent years. From the post internet period, to the massive digital disruption we discuss how the industry has had to adapt, importantly, discuss how we see the sector growing, moving forward into the future

Three quick questions
  • Business book you’d recommend: ‘Hostage at the Table’ by George Kohlrieser. Its about negotiation, something we have to do day to day!
  • One person to follow on social or digital media – Ben Smith, who’s a great media writer with really good content – and a unique view on things.
  • One to one dinner with any living human being on the plant – Our team! We’re in a situation where we haven’t seen people for months and I fear that’s going to go on for months and months more. So to be perfectly honest, it would be great to have dinner or lunch with a whole lot of staff.
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