A Higher Branch
A Higher Branch
21 Nov 2019
Barry Nicolaou: How To Stop Self-Sabotage And Achieve Personal Fulfilment
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Are you self-sabotaging both your home and business life and don’t even know it? As humans, we are often ignoring our natural instincts, dismissing the signs and opportunities which are right in front of us that are pushing us to grow and achieve fulfilment.

We are the only species on the planet to have a creative imagination. Yet instead of harnessing this imagination, we opt to stay within our comfort zone and make excuses for ourselves, often unknowingly using negative self-talk as justification for not taking that extra step. Today Sam Makhouls meets with Barry Nicolaou; an international best seller author for his book ‘The 11 Master Secrets, to Business Success & Personal Fulfilment’.

In this episode, Barry discusses five of his 11 master secrets discussed in his book and shares some powerful tools which will teach you to stop the negative self-talk, how to grow from negative experiences and ultimately achieve optimal personal fulfilment.

This episode also covers:

  • The adverse effects of inherited thinking, and how to free yourself from generations old thinking
  • How to stop self sabotage
  • The way to stop questioning the "how"
  • How to overcome failure
  • How to uncover what fuels your body

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Short for time? Skip ahead using the below timestamps.

08:08 - How to reach a higher consciousness of awareness and avoid self-sabotage

14:00 - How ignoring our subconscious leads to self-sabotage

22:15 - Taking your failures and using them to grow

30:50 - How stop questioning the "how"

39:00 - Finding your next right move

45:00 - Gravitating to people who give you energy and how to deal with people who don't lift your energy

55:30 - Finding your source energy

01:01:55 - Why you must break the rules to get noticed

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