The Role of Financial Counselling with Nick Georgiou
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Getting financial help in Australia is not the easiest task and for most people, talking openly to someone else about your finances is understandably a daunting process.Thankfully in Australia we have a fantastic solution to this, in our hard-working financial counsellors. They’re the people who can listen to your financial issues, propose solutions and even advocate on your behalf to banks and debt collectors.The role of a financial counsellor isn’t always very well understood, so in this episode, Owen & Kate interview financial counsellor, Nick Georgiou, to break down exactly what they do, how they can help you and where you can go to get in contact with them.

*This episode was recorded remotely due to COVID-19 restrictions, we apologise for any inconsistencies in audio quality.

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my millennial money
my millennial money
SYMO interactive
342 live case study: first meeting with a financial adviser
Ever wondered what the first meeting with a financial adviser is like? Listen in. Blake and Jas, listeners of the show, had their first chat with James Millard, one of the advisers on the m3 panel, and director at Sufficient Funds ( This first meeting touches on: 👉🏾their money goals individually and as a couple 👉🏼the money system they use 👉their first home and some ideas for renos 👉🏾plans for kiddies 👉🏻personal insurances 👉🏽travel fun 👉dreams for the future Get $20 off The Glen James Spending Plan using the code "moneyz". Link to course below! For podcast resources, links to our stuff, disclaimers & warnings about this episode + more... check out: 🛑 This podcast is for education and entertainment purposes. It is not intended as a substitute for professional financial, tax or legal advice. Any advice is general financial advice only which does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Because of that, you should consider if the advice is appropriate to you and your needs, before acting on the information. If you do choose to buy a financial product read the product disclosure statement and obtain appropriate financial advice tailored to your needs. We may discuss products, services and answer listener questions on this video for entertainment & illustration purposes only. We may change the name of the questioner for anonymity. It is impossible to give you personal advice on an entertainment podcast as we do not know the details of your personal financial situation. While we do our best to provide accurate information, we accept no responsibility for any inaccuracies that may be communicated in this podcast. SYMO interactive Pty Ltd, the publisher of the podcast, is an authorised representative of MoneySherpa Pty Ltd which holds financial services licence 451289. Please read our Financial Services Guide located at This podcast is intended for residents of Australia. We acknowledge the darkinjung people, Traditional Custodians of the land on which our studio sits, and pay respects to their Elders past and present. We extend that respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who may listen to our podcast.
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The Michael Yardney Podcast
The Michael Yardney Podcast
Michael Yardney; Australia's authority in wealth creation through property
10 Things Investors Must Understand Before Investing in Brisbane with Brett Warren
Are you interested in getting involved in the Brisbane property market? If so, today’s episode is just for you. But even if you aren’t interested in investing in the Brisbane property market yourself, considering that each state and city has its own nuances, the message that you’re going to hear from Brett Warren today will be useful to change and translate to the area where you want to invest. 10 things you must know before investing in Brisbane * Where are the jobs being created? Demand will be stronger closer to major employment hubs and right now in Brisbane, there are 50,000 jobs being created between the CBD and the Airport. So, in Brisbane, stick to the 10km ring to encompass the CBD, Hospitals, and the Airport precincts. * Suburbs within a school catchment will continue to attract a premium – 1) not all schools are equal and 2) do not just assume buying in a suburb gives you access to that school. Missing the catchment by a single house or street could mean a difference of $50,000, so it pays to get it right! So, paying slightly more to get into the right catchment will greatly benefit future growth. * People are not wanting to move further out and away from the City – While accommodation is smaller, there needs to be more happening outdoors, think lifestyle and entertainment precincts, green space, and convenience. Walkscore can be an invaluable tool for this. * Public Transport a MUST - Our roads will get busier – There is probably an 80/20 rule here in Brisbane for public transport. Inside the 10km ring there is an 80% chance of having some form of public transport, that drops to as low as 20% when you start getting out past the 15km to 20km ring. Moving forward, identifying a location close to a bus, train, or even ferry, will be critical as commute times balloon! * Majority of new infrastructure projects are within 5km of the CBD – Brisbane is not as mature as Melbourne or Sydney. That maturity is maybe 10 or 15 years away. * Flooding and Stormwater are common – There have been several major floods over the last century and while they generally only come along every 20 – 30 years, it still must be on your radar. Even more common though are Brisbane’s storms and stormwater runoff – overland flow. * We may buy in most suburbs, but not in all parts of a suburb – To get wealth-producing levels of return, you need to not only buy in the best suburbs but in the best pockets of those suburbs * Zoning is becoming critically important – You can’t necessarily pull down a house that would be past its use-by date in another city, and the agent won’t necessarily tell you that. Important to stick to areas that are already designed right * The Rich will get richer over the next decade * Brisbane is not Melbourne or Sydney – property outside will 10km will not catch up. Links and Resources: Michael Yardney Brett Warren - Metropole Property Strategists Metropole’s Strategic Property Plan – to help both beginning and experienced investors Shownotes plus more here: 10 Things Investors Must Understand Before Investing in Brisbane with Brett Warren Some of our favourite quotes from the show: “People come from other states, and they try to bring their local knowledge, how they would invest, how they would live in some of the other states to Brisbane, and it doesn’t really work.” – Michael Yardney “I think we’ve realized in the recent downturn, but in previous downturns as well, that some industries are more stable and others are more seasonal and more fickle.” – Michael Yardney “By the way don’t compare yourself with other people, because the things you see on Instagram and Facebook aren’t real.” – Michael Yardney PLEASE LEAVE US A REVIEW Reviews are hugely important to me because they help new people discover this podcast. If you enjoyed listening to this episode, please leave a review on iTunes - it's your way of passing the message forward to others and saying thank you to me. Here's how
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The Elephant In The Room Property Podcast | Inside Australian Real Estate
The Elephant In The Room Property Podcast | Inside Australian Real Estate
Veronica Morgan & Chris Bates
Ep 146 - Kym Nitschke | How to structure your property portfolios
Kym Nitschke the ‘jack of all trade’ regales the team on the exciting trials and tribulations of an accountant on the quest to discover the best ways to structure property portfolios. Kym is the CEO of Nitschke Nancarrow Accountants which has over 1200 business and individual clients, he is a qualified financial advisor, chartered accountant and is a licensed builder. Kym highlights the impact of capital gains tax and how to make the most of it, and gets personal with what he has seen that his plethora of clients have gotten wrong and of course what he has done wrong; lots to learn from an experienced advisor and investor. Here’s what we covered: * How does capital gains tax work? * What happens to your capital gains tax if you move into it after renting it out? * How to minimize tax on renting your home on holidays? * Should you buy a holiday home? * Can you get CGT exemption if you upgrade and move into a new home? * How to maximise your CGT exemption with the help of the 6 year rule * How to best structure your property portfolio * What are the best strategies with buying an investment property * What are the benefits of owning property in a trust RELEVANT EPISODES: Episode 136 | Owen Raskiewics Episode 119 | Chris Bates Episode 116 | Alison Lacey GUEST LINKS: Your Investment Property: PPOR and the six year rule HOST LINKS: Looking for a Sydney Buyers Agent? Work with Veronica: Looking for a Mortgage Broker? Work with Chris: Send in your questions to: EPISODE TRANSCRIPT: Please note that this has been transcribed by half-human-half-robot, so brace yourself for typos and the odd bit of weirdness…This episode was recorded in October, 2020.
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Mid-Session 21 Oct 20: Aussie shares edge higher
The Australian sharemarket is up slightly at lunch, with the ASX 200 continuing to struggle to stay above 6,200pts for more than a day at a time. This report is approved and distributed in Australia by Commonwealth Securities Limited ABN 60 067 254 399, AFSL 238814 (CommSec) a wholly owned but non-guaranteed subsidiary of Commonwealth Bank of Australia ABN 48 123 123 124, AFSL 234945 (the Bank). The Bank and its subsidiaries have effected or may effect transactions for their own account in any investments or related investments referred to in this report. This report is not a recommendation to buy, sell or hold any securities or financial products, and has been prepared without taking account of the objectives, financial or taxation situation or needs of any particular individual. For this reason, any individual should, before acting on the information in this report, consider the appropriateness of the information, having regard to the individual's objectives, financial or taxation situation and needs and, if necessary, seek appropriate professional advice. This report is produced by Commonwealth Research based on information available at the time of publishing. We believe that the information in this correspondence is correct and any opinions, conclusions or recommendations are reasonably held or made as at the time of its compilation, but no warranty is made as to accuracy, reliability or completeness. To the extent permitted by law, neither the Bank nor any of its subsidiaries accept liability to any person for loss or damage arising from the use of this report.
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