Welcome to Day One
Welcome to Day One
The podcast for Australian regional startups, founders and the organisations that support them. Welcome to Day One is supported and the founder spotlights are made possible by our major sponsor the City of Newcastle’s Newihub. Join the community made up of entrepreneurs from Newcastle & the surrounding areas. Go to Newihub.com to sign up for your free account. "I've never seen someone pull together audio clips with this level of clarity and logic, it really is top-notch work." - Murray Hurps, Director of Entrepreneurship at UTS Hit that subscribe button and you won't miss any brand new Australian startup stories. Stories featuring the founders of Camplify, Trent Bagnall from Slingshot and startup legends like Alan "The Nice One" Jones. These aren't just 2 people and a microphone, these are the stories of how they came to be. Starting from day one. "When you're trying to build a global business, there's no reason you need to be in the city. So, if you're trying to attack global markets, it doesn't really matter where you are." - Trent Bagnall, Founder of Slingshot https://welcometodayone.com/subscribe Let's go back to day one, where this story begins...
Welcome to Day One
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