Breakfast - Is this so you can google boobs in the daytime?
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This morning it starts off a bit weird and doesn't get much better. We find out what Absolute Radio tastes like and Matt Dyson has a very weak excuse for his Google activity. Enjoy!
The Kevin Clifton Show
The Kevin Clifton Show
Kevin Clifton
From One Scott Hastings To Another - with Jonny Labey
This week, Kevin chats to television and stage star, Jonny Labey, breakout star of such TV favourites as Eastenders, Dance Dance Dance and Celebrity X Factor, and the West-End's very Scott Hastings - leading man of Strictly Ballroom! As Kevin is due to take on the role of Scott Hastings in a soon-to-kick-off tour of Strictly Ballroom, he's invited Jonny onto the podcast today to pass on any words of wisdom and guidance in playing this electrifying part, while also sharing some of the extraordinary highlights of his fabulous career. KEY TAKEAWAYS Some roles do not feel like work. Strictly Ballroom is one of those rare productions that is as much fun to be a part of, as it is for the audience to watch. Competitive ballroom dancing, and dancing in general, is something in which Jonny has no formal experience. However, the art was important to the role of Scott Hastings, and so intensive training was required. The reason that Strictly Ballroom has endured is because of its comparative relevance to many of society's most common personalities. There are glimmers of many contemporary figures in each of the characters - some positive and some negative. This keeps the show relevant. As performers, we work hard to achieve moments of supreme glory and transcendence. This is especially keenly felt if performing live on stage. These moments of magic are fuel for further effort. BEST MOMENTS 'It fills my heart with so much love. The show was made with love' - 1:54 'It was having to re-learn everything that I'd known, and still keep that coolness' - 9:55 'The stakes are life and death to these ballroom performers' - 17:47 'I've worked my ass off my whole life to achieve something like that' - 26:17  VALUABLE RESOURCES Jonny Labey Instagram - Jonny Labey Twitter - ABOUT THE HOST Kevin Clifton is a professional dancer who has been performing & competing at the highest level for over a decade. Kevin has worked on shows like 'Burn the floor' & 'Rock of Ages' to 'Strictly Come Dancing' one of the biggest TV shows in the UK which Kevin won in 2018.  CONTACT METHOD Kevin Clifton Instagram Kevin Clifton Facebook Kevin Clifton YouTube See for privacy information.
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