#526 — John McTiernan, Amber Midthunder
Riproduci • 1 h 28 min
We've got Predator on our minds this week on the Empire Podcast. Which makes a change. Not only do we review Dan Trachtenberg's Prey, his prequel to John McTiernan's 1987 action classic, but Chris Hewitt sits down with that film's star, Amber Midthunder, for a fun interview in which they discuss how Amber, whose parents are an actor and a casting director, wasn't necessarily fated to become an actor, about Prey's commitment to Comanche traditions, going to craft services with a Predator, and using Brazilian jiu jitsu to take out a bunch of feral children. Chris also has a sit-down with the legendary John McTiernan, who came into London last week for The London Action Fest, and while they only talk about Predator a bit, there's plenty of Die Hard and The Hunt For Red October chat to keep you action aficionados happy. Back in the pod booth, Helen O'Hara hosts this week, due to Chris being locked in mortal combat with an alien hunter (or in LA for a set visit; one of the two), and she's joined by James Dyer and Ben Travis to discuss movies which would benefit from gender-flipping their lead from a man to a woman (in the wake of the England Women's team's triumph at the Euros), review Prey, Bullet Train and Luck, and dive deep into the week's movie news, including the Batgirl debacle. Enjoy.
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