Chasing Excellence
#072: Optimize Your Nutrition, w/ EC Synkowski
May 13, 2019 · 55 min
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We’ve got EC Syncowski of OptimizeMe Nutrition in to talk about the fundamentals of a good diet, the 800g Challenge, and whether it’s more important to focus on the quality or the quantity of our food.

Show Notes:

05:13 - Learn more about OptimizeMe Nutrition here

07:42 - What’s the one thing we should all be focused on in our diet?

09:52 - Whether quantity is more or less important than quality

11:03 - Where our understanding of nutritional science comes from

14:15 - What is the 800g Challenge?

18:29 - Whether EC is advocating for a plant-based diet or not

20:06 - Why the 800g Challenge doesn’t distinguish between fruits and vegetables

22:28 - Are elimination diets ever helpful?

24:32 - EC’s thoughts on the value and necessary of “boredom”

25:29 - The fundamentals of a good diet

27:36 - Talking about Intermittent Fasting

29:31 - Talking about gut health

33:11 - The role of fiber

34:36 - What is inflammation?

37:12 - Talking about kept

40:26 - What it means to be insulin resistant

43:14 - Can keto cause a nutrient deficiency?

44:52 - What EC would prescribe for somebody who need to lose a lot of weight

47:41 - Our Top Trends episode

48:12 - Why EC thinks people are always looking for the next diet to try

51:39 - How to stay on track with our diets

54:43 - Follow EC on Insta

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