Satellite Connectivity and the LPWA Landscape | Totum Labs’ Ted Meyers
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In this episode of the IoT For All Podcast, Totum Labs CEO and Founder, Ted Meyers, shares his expertise on the LPWAN landscape and how satellite networks enable new use cases and applications. Ted shares some of the considerations for companies interested in utilizing satellite networks, as well as his own approach to the connectivity landscape and what a typical partnership or customer interaction looks like for Totum.

Ted Meyers is a recognized expert in wireless communication with 52 issued US patents. Ted’s the CEO and Co-Founder of Totum Labs, where he and his team of experts are working on a disruptive satellite waveform to revolutionize LPWA connectivity.

Interested in connecting with Ted? Reach out to him on Linkedin!

About Totum Labs: Totum manages everything from the modem inside the DMSS SOC (System-on-Chip) to the constellation of Low Earth Orbit satellites, and back down to a network of ground stations around the world.

This episode of the IoT For All Podcast is brought to you by SoftwareAG. Learn more about them here, or check out next week's podcast featuring SoftwareAG Vice President Jonathan Weiss.

Key Questions and Topics from this Episode:

(01:02) Intro to Ted

(02:09) How do you view the current LPWAN connectivity landscape and how does satellite factor into that?

(04:28) How would you explain LPWAN and the use cases it’s best for?

(06:39) How does satellite come into that? What are the benefits of using satellite technology for IoT?

(09:19) What are the downsides of using satellites?

(13:57) What is DMSS?

(15:28) How would you describe Totum’s connectivity approach? 

(18:04) Could you speak to some use cases that satellite connectivity is the best option for?

(20:54) Where is Totum in the process of commercializing this network and product?

(21:58) What does an ideal customer or partner look like for Totum?

(24:59) When you talk about this technology, what kind of feedback do you usually get?

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