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Best Looking Freelancer In The World - Copywriter Joel Klettke
Nov 23, 2015 · 35 min
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Canadian copywriter Joel Klettke is focused on results. When it works for his clients it's working for him.

This chat has a crazy amount of useful freelance tips in it as Joel shares thoughts on using a personal name vs a company one, what makes his freelance site stand out, how he came to be a TEDx speaker, networking, growing the business... and all of this whilst being the best looking man in the world.

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Here’s some of the key takeaway points:

  • Network before you go freelance: it’s much harder to make connections when you’re hungry for work, trying to survive; do it when you’re safely employed

  • The only reason Joel shares his ‘minimum project cost’ on his site is to prevent people contacting him, not to encourage them

  • If you look cheap, you’ll get cheap clients, you'll get cheap work

  • You may dream of working with big companies, but actually profitable mid-size companies have good budgets but with far less red tape

  • When you have a personal name to your business you feel very small, when you have company name it gives you a brand, a persona, the ability to scale over time

  • “As soon as you figure what you love and what’s profitable and where those two things intersect, stop doing everything else"

  • Joel likes to do work that can be traced back to a tangible outcomes, prove results

  • If you want a client to measure results, help them - show them the tools with which to do it

  • Joel now has a prerequisite: if he can’t use a client in a case study then he doesn’t want to work with them

  • Share your ‘process’, your workflow on your site so clients know how you work; you look like a pro and it answers plenty of questions

  • Working with clients overseas? Joel (in Canada) bills in US Dollars using Stripe, to a UDS bank account - he can then withdraw when the exchange rate is best

  • You’ve got to be good at taking care of your finances; no one else is going to do it for you

  • Have confidence in yourself: your clients are not doing you a favour, you’re doing them a favour by taking them on

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