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The Sound of Freelance - Composer Jamie Salisbury
Jan 30, 2016 · 35 min
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Jamie went from gigging musician to composer for TV, film, games and stage. Here he shares how it's all played out so far: heading back to uni, collaborating over Skype, mangaging his own band, the passive income of library music and how getting his own studio scaled up his work load and kept his home in harmony. Love a music pun. You keeping score?

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Here’s some of the key takeaway points:

  • think you need to go back and study more? Don't be afraid to learn, to get where you want to be

  • don’t say 'no' - say 'yes' and figure out how to do it

  • even as a solo worker, you can still use technology to collaborate with others

  • separate out your home from your work space - doing it made Jamie 4 x more productive

  • keeping home/work space split makes it clear to his young family when he’s at work and when he’s home to be a dad/husband

  • can you diversify your income? Jamie has composing, performing, managing a band, library music

  • is there a product you can create for 'passive' income? Jamie even makes money out of his uni compositions by listing them as library music

  • keep your showreel punchy, cut up your work and give short snippets of it in a row

  • share your work on social media, just because people might not respond, doesn't mean they're not seeing/hearing it

  • don't be afraid to cold email, but make the emails personal to each company - be persistent despite lack of response

  • don't feel hurt if people reject your work, you know you're good, it's just not what they were after

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