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You're Not Alone - Designer Rachel Shillcock
Feb 13, 2016 · 36 min
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Rachel's found inspiration, support, friendship and even clients in the communities she's joined online. Be it through courses she's paid for, Twitter or private Facebook groups she's joined (or started!), she's realised you don't have to freelance alone.

She shares her story: from finding her niche - the wake up call to her business, to finding herself in hospital - the wake up call to herself.

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Key takeaway points

  • importance of friendships and relationships (including those made online) in supporting you and even referring work

  • be prepared for a quieter period at first when knuckling down to your niche

  • she's happiest when she's doing work that excites her for passionate people she likes (entrepreneurs, not big businesses)

  • Rachel invests in courses to devleop her business skills; as well as tangible ideas, she's inspired by the community that comes with them and even finds clients that way

  • community really is important, you don't have to freelance alone

  • Rachel likes private Facebook groups with a friendly, non judging atmosphere, find one that works for you (she even started her own!)

  • don't just sell to people, be genuinely helpful

  • can you create 'passive' products or courses to make the most of your skills and even out your cashflow?

  • nothing is more important than yourself, than your health

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