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Copywriter Danny Margulies - Winning on Elance
May 19, 2015 · 32 min
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Danny Margulies quit his job.
Next he wrote 'how to make money writing' into Google.

Two days later he had his first client on freelance marketplace Elance.

It's become his sole place for finding work. Fair to say, he's making more than enough money writing now. He's since started a course teaching the techniques he's picked up to win at freelancing online. You can get Danny's top 5 hacks for succeeding as an online freelancer here.

Let's be clear: Danny does not work for Elance.

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Here’s some of the key takeaway points:

  • Be prepared to earn less to begin with while you build up your
    reputation (after each job you get 'reviewed')

  • Check out your competition - figure out what you could be worth

  • Don't be afraid to learn as you go - there are loads of online
    resources to teach you (Danny wasn't a copywriter before he started
    on Elance)

  • By doing all of your work on just one site (such as Elance) you build
    your reputation and that feeds more work

  • Treat it like a business and it will BE a business along with repeat
    clients over time

  • Creating a course as a 'passive income' is far from passive - it's a
    hell of a lot of work, but a great sense of achievement

  • You can get Danny's 5 Elance hacks (which apply to other freelance
    marketplaces as well) for free by going to - we checked them out and
    they're really good if you're thinking of working online in this way

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