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Insta Freelance - Photographer Jordan Green
Nov 30, 2015 · 30 min
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Without Instagram would Jordan be shooting for some of the coolest fashion brands and bands around?

A great mix of passion, talent and social (both media and life) has been the focus of his career. Which begs the question: nowadays, if you're a creative freelancer can you afford not to be 'social'?

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Here’s some of the key takeaway points:

  • Jordan posts regularly to social media so that people keep seeing his name, images, style

  • It allows him to carve out his brand; defining the sort of work he wants to be known for

  • He regulalry works on 'test shots' where both he and the model are working for free to expand both their portfolios; to experiment and to be seen doing the work he wants to be seen doing

  • Let your personality come through so people get to know the real you, include behind the scenes photos/videos/details

  • If you’re a creative freelancer you have to be on social, it’s your online portfolio, getting yourself in front of people all around the world and if you’re not being seen, then somebody else will be instead of you

  • Whilst social media is important, it should always direct to your website, so don't neglect that, potential clients will want to see more proof than one instagram picture

  • Your own website is a place to show a fuller body of work and to show it how you want it to be seen, not restricted by the format of whichever social platform

  • Don't worry about the quieter times, use it to recharge; if you're doing good work and you're a decent person it's going to work out

  • Your client relationship is really important. Yes, your work needs to stand up quality wise, but if they don’t enjoy working with you, you won’t be back, so...

  • Don’t be a dick

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