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Blogger Kimberly Duran - Diversify Your Income
Mar 29, 2015 · 32 min
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Steve Folland finds out what it’s like being freelance for US born and now Manchester based blogger Kimberly Duran. How she balanced a successful blog with a full time job until the time was right to start officially being freelance. With great advice on blogging, diversifying your income, selling yourself and making and keeping an eye on your goals.

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Here’s some of the key takeaway points:

  • When approaching people, tell them what they will get out of the relationship - that’s what they care about

  • If you’re blogging, be authentic, let a bit of your real self out there

  • How Kimberly created a professional 'Media Kit' to help explain explain herself and her proposition to companies

  • If you’re a blogger: beware the temptation of sponsored blogs, don't jeopardise your relationship with your readers

  • If you're a blogger: reach out to the blogging community to help grow your audience

  • Diversify your income

  • Can you create a 'product'? Something of value to your audience that also boosts your portfolio, reputation and puts you in front of new people

  • Make Goals for yourself and check what you’re taking on against them daily - does each job take you closer to them?

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