Tried to outrun a train. Bad idea.
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Episode 67: When it comes to advice, this is the person I always reach out to...

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The Hunting Public
The Hunting Public
The Hunting Public
#148 - Have a Good Frickin' Attitude, Tips For Getting Into the Hunting Industry w/Michael Parente
Zach first met Michael Parente at a fishing club meeting at Ohio University in 2012. From there they became close friends and eventually became interns for Midwest Whitetail at the same time. This was the first step into the outdoor industry for both of them and led them to the jobs they have today. Michael works for Randy Newberg as a cameraman, editor, and even gets time to hunt himself. In this episode, Zach and Michael relive stories from the college days, their time at Midwest whitetail, and other events that led them to where they are today. They also talk about some of the things that they believe helped them get into the hunting industry and how someone who is interested in that career path can help improve their skill set. Topics Include:  -how Zach and Michael met at Ohio University  -how to get a start in the hunting industry  -what Michael does as an employee of Randy Newberg Silencer Central - Silencer Central Phone: 888.988.8179 Michael's Instagram Page - Randy Newberg's YouTube Channel - EXODUS TRAIL CAMERAS - Get 10% off w/ code THP10 - VORTEX MERCHANDISE - Save 20% off with the code THP20 - WOODHAVEN TURKEY CALLS -  Use coupon code THP2018 to get 10% off - Trophy Ridge Bow Accessories - SAVE 20% OFF w/promo code THP20 - OnX Maps - Use promo code THP to get 20% off - Follow us on Facebook at The Hunting Public Follow us on Instagram at The Hunting Public
1 hr 17 min
Gritty Podcast
Gritty Podcast
Brian Call
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