Ep. 66 - Advertising in the Activist Resurgence (& Post-George Floyd) 2.0
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BrownTown reflects on advertising and internet-based media post-COVID lockdown, post-George Floyd uprisings, and post-2020 elections. Building on the first May 2019 installment, BrownTown updates their analysis on the ways in which corporate and independent media co-opt movements and historical events to help their bottom line, improve their public image, and sometimes challenge the status quo.

If advertising is the jester of capitalism and we're all forced to watch the show, then lets engage with a critical lens and build the tools to burn down the stage and create anew if it doesn't serve our material needs. Originally recorded February 18, 2021.


Ad Campaigns and Videos Discussed:

Mentioned or Related Memes and Articles:


CREDITS: Intro soundbite from “Sell & Spin: A History of Advertising”. Outro music Dreams by Fleetwood Mac (from the Doggface Ocean Spray viral video). Audio engineered by Genta Tamashiro with assistance from Kiera Battles. Episode photo by Sean Kelly.


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