Ep. 40 - Self Love & Self Care 2.0
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Building on Ep. 12 - Self Love & Self Care, BrownTown takes a step back to discuss the importance of self love, self care, and self understanding. In the second installment, the fellas bring the scope more macro and examine what has become a self care phenomenon of philosophies, strategies, and even products and hashtags. David opens by reminding listeners of the loosely related episodes leading up to this and the overlap of SoapBox's recent event Fitness Against Fascism: Prison-industrial Complex and Health Communities, noting how mental and physical health, self care, trauma support, and the way they are raced, classed, and gendered all fall under the same interconnected systems of oppression. BrownTown again centers themselves in what self care looks like for them as well as critiques the commodified and co-opted buzzword that often obscures access to resources/time and trauma all while imploring a one-size-fits-all approach. David and Caullen talk dominant narratives, social media, "self care tests," and the instances in which responsibilities are pushed aside in the name of "self care." As BrownTown attempts to carefully talk through some of the more nuanced points around how to accurately perform true "self care" without buying into capitalist logic, they learn that there is no one answer for everyone nor is everyone's journey the same. Therefore, it's more important than ever to find your tribe, get to know yourself, prioritize your happiness, and sometimes...TREAT YO'SELF!


CREDITS: Intro song Where is my Mind by Pixies. Outro song Red Dot Music by Mac Miller ft. Action Bronson. Audio engineered by Genta Tamashiro featuring Justin G. Zullo.


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