Orange Juice for the Ears with Beatie Wolfe
Oceans: Sea Shepherd's Captain Peter Hammarstedt
Jan 19, 2020 · 56 min
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Oceans: Beatie Wolfe interviews Sea Shepherd Captain & Board Member Peter Hammarstedt about a life spent protecting the oceans from illegal whaling, fishing and seal clubbing. Listen to this dublab radio show that takes you from teenage activism to the longest maritime pursuit in history via the power of determination.

Orange Juice for the Ears with “musical weirdo and visionary” (Vice) Beatie Wolfe explores the power of music across Space, Science, Art, Health, Film & Technology by talking to the leading luminaries in each field from Nobel Prize winners to multi-platinum producers and hearing the music that has most impacted them, their “Orange Juice for the Ears”. Beatie Wolfe is an artist who has beamed her music into space, been appointed a UN Women role model for innovation and held an acclaimed solo exhibition at the V&A Museum.

Peter Hammarstedt’s Orange Juice for the Ears

  • First song that imprinted? “I Won’t Back Down” by Tom Petty
  • First album that shaped who you are? “Wake Up” by Rage Against the Machine - from their self-titled album
  • The music you would send into Space? “Left Over Sea Running” by Dr.
    Roger Payne & Humpback Whales
  • The song you would have at your memorial? “Safe at Anchor” by Kate
  • The album you would pass onto your kids? “The Thread” by Cary Ann
    Hearst - from Lions & Lambs

The show opens with “Think About Your Troubles” by Harry Nilsson (from the animated movie The Point).

The show first aired live on LA’s dublab radio but is also available as a podcast. This podcast was Mastered by Dean Hovey. For rights reasons the music in this podcast version is shorter than in the original broadcast.

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