Let's Meet For a Beer
09 - Don Tse
14 May 2019 · 24 mins
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"When you travel abroad and see imported beer, it's always American beer. Why is that?" This week's guest is Don Tse, beer writer and entrepreneur, owner of Craft Beer Imports and Far Out Exporters, and the man who has famously drank over 20,000 different beers.

Today we're speaking with Don Tse, a former lawyer who's love for beer has taken him on a journey to tens of thousands of pints of beer, and a mission to take Canadian craft beer global. You're probably already familiar with Don's work here in Alberta, his company Craft Beer Imports is responsible for the famous Craft Beer Advent Calendars, which contains many beers that can't be tried anywhere else. The Advent Calendars have gained so much traction that Don is able to approach international brewers to create exclusive beers for the calendar and push the envelope on styles and taste.

Great beer, like great art, can move you. Don explains that the principals of great art like composition and balance are all part of making great beer as well. He believes that all the best brewers are people who are passionate about some other art forms as well, and take that passion to their brewing. After all, with a beverage that is thousands of years old and still full of innovation, the beer makers who are willing to innovate and build flexibility into their business are the same ones setting themselves up for great luck in the craft beer world.



Craft Beer Imports

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