Bethel Church
Bethel Church
Feb 13, 2023
To Timothy, My True Son
Friends, your pastor -- and all other pastors -- need mercy. We struggle with the same things that you do. We doubt, we worry, we sin, we lose our temper, we go through rough spots in our marriages and families, we struggle to forgive those who have hurt us, we war against besetting sins. And then there's the heavy weight of our high calling upon us - we'll get to that in 1 Timothy 3, so yes, we need mercy. But again, pastors aren't the only ones who need mercy are they-- Do you need mercy this morning dear saint at Bethel Church-- Have you failed miserably this week in your walk with the Lord-- No one else may know it, but you do. You know what's been in your heart this week. Pride, discontentment, envy, anger, unforgiveness, lust, doubt, worry. You may have concealed it well from the rest of the world, or maybe you haven't, but you know. Well I have good news for you- to quote the 17th century pastor Richard Sibbes, -there is more mercy in Christ than sin in us.-
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