Bethel Church
Bethel Church
Jan 31, 2023
Man vs. God
This city called Babel was the origin of the Babylonian city-state that throughout Scripture came to signify human idolatry, pride, and rebellion of against God. The name -babel- is connected to a Hebrew verb which means -to confuse- and you know friends, when I look at the world today, that's exactly what I see- confusion. Believing that we can live autonomous lives, free from the lordship of our Creator we have deluded ourselves into state of mass confusion. We're confused about where we came from, who we are, what a man is, what a woman is, what marriage is, what a baby is. We're confused about what's right and wrong, what's true and false, and sadly many Christians and churches seem just as confused as the world. This is what happens when we rebel against God in our pride and want to live our way, and the only way out of this confused mess we're in is by turning away from ourselves and looking to Christ and Christ alone.
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