Bethel Church
Bethel Church
Nov 28, 2022
Go Into The Ark
One of the objections that skeptics often lob at the Bible is that if God is so righteous and loving, why did he kill the whole world except for 8 people in the flood-- Well I would ask in return, how could a righteous and loving God stand by and allow evil to go unrestrained forever-- Friends it was precisely the righteous character of God that compelled him to send judgment through the flood, and this is why we need to understand the warning this passage holds for us today. Our world cannot go on like it is much longer. I know preachers have said that in every age, but we have something in our day that's different- modern technology. Friends today's technology is like gas to the flame of human evil, and if the violence and immorality of Noah's day are any indication, we must be near the breaking point. I'm not trying to be a prognosticator of the future, but this world is spiraling out of control on a collision with our Creator who will once again pronounce a righteous judgment.
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