Bethel Church
Bethel Church
Sep 4, 2023
The Joy Of Knowing Christ
The Apostles had a true and historical experience of the incarnate Christ that made them uniquely qualified to teach authoritatively about Christ and correct false beliefs about Him in their letters. But there's a broader application here that we need to make to us today. No we are not Apostles with the unique authority they had, but we can and must have a true and living experience of Christ. We must see, hear, and touch Him by faith. To know His voice in His word. To know the sweetness of His presence. Do you have that kind of experience this morning-- Or is your relationship with Christ just the sum of your good deeds and church attendance-- Or have you given intellectual assent to the doctrine of Christ but are devoid of a living relationship with Him-- But Christ is not just a historical figure to be read about in Scripture. He is a crucified, risen, and living Savior who longs for a real relationship with those for whom He died. Do you have that kind of relationship with Christ--
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