Bethel Church
Bethel Church
Jun 27, 2022
Resolving Conflicts in the Church
Joy is a safeguard against conflict. It's hard to be disagreeable and dissatisfied with others when you are supremely satisfied with Christ. We all know from experience that sour and grumpy people are easily agitated. Are you the kind of person that makes others nervous just to be around you because they are afraid of upsetting you-- Are you so consumed with your own concerns that the least little thing upsets you. If so then you have no joy in your life. Paul says get the joy of the Lord in your heart and you won't be so abrasive. And let's not start that - -well that's just the way I am- stuff. That's no different than that whole -I was born this way- nonsense. Friends this is why we need to be -born-again.- This is why we need the transforming grace of God to change us from who we are to who he commands us to be. The joyful life is a peaceful life, and the joyful church is a peaceful church, so rejoice in the Lord. It's so important that Paul repeated it. -Again, I say rejoice.-
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