08 - Randy Jackson
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He was a member of one of the biggest bands of all time, he’s a grammy award winning record producer having worked with some of the biggest acts in music. He’s also an international television personality and entrepreneur. I am talking today to Randy Jackson.
Social Anxiety Solutions - your journey to social confidence!
Social Anxiety Solutions - your journey to social confidence!
Sebastiaan van der Schrier
FAQ's Social Confidence Club (replay of live Q and A webinar)
I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the Social Confidence Club. So I did a Live Q and A where I answer all of them. You can see the full details of the Social Confidence Club here: https://socialanxietysolutions.mykajabi.com/social... ---- Join 'The Social Confidence Club': An online community where you learn how to use EFT tapping to overcome social anxiety. In the Club, you learn how to use this scientifically proven to be an effective emotional release technique to unlock your social confidence. Through guided, step-by-step exercises your social anxiety gradually begins to decrease. Want to be part of an online community of social anxiety sufferers, all committed to social confidence? In the Club, you are guided by former social anxiety sufferer Sebastiaan van der Schrier (Social Confidence Coach and host of the podcast show Social Anxiety Solutions). He takes you through the 5 stages to social confidence. Through live coaching webinars, an online forum, WhatsApp support, and a whole lot more, you're totally supported on your journey to social confidence. Be part of an amazing Club that continuously motivates and inspires you. And step-by-step chip away at your social anxiety... ...until you enjoy effortless social ease. Join the Social Confidence Club now. Registration is open until the 2nd of March 2021, 11:59 PM (EST) only. For all the details, video testimonials, and how to join, check out this video: https://youtu.be/F5ghoGgDLOQ Don't miss out, we close in just a few days! https://socialanxietysolutions.mykajabi.com/social-confidence-club-1
1 hr 12 min
Feel Better, Live More with Dr Rangan Chatterjee
Feel Better, Live More with Dr Rangan Chatterjee
Dr Rangan Chatterjee: GP & Author
#160 BITESIZE | How Walking Improves Our Brain and Mental Health | Shane O’Mara
Walking can slow and even reverse functional ageing in the brain, improve our cognition, our creativity and our mental health but yet it is such an underrated activity. Feel Better Live More Bitesize is my new weekly podcast for your mind, body and heart. Each week I’ll be featuring inspirational stories and practical tips from some of my former guests. Today’s clip is from episode 84 of the podcast with neuroscientist Shane O’Mara, a professor of experimental brain research at Trinity College Dublin. Shane believes walking can be our superpower. In this clip he explains how the many benefits of walking go beyond the physical – it’s important for our mood, our happiness and our wellbeing. Shane reveals the results of a study that showed that walking improved memory and attention and reversed functional ageing of the brain, and that if we walk before doing a task, we perform it more creatively. The benefits of walking are retained throughout life and it’s never too late to start. As Shane says, ‘you only get old when you stop walking, you don’t stop walking because you’re old’. Show notes and the full podcast are available at drchatterjee.com/84 Follow me on instagram.com/drchatterjee/ Follow me on facebook.com/DrChatterjee/ Follow me on twitter.com/drchatterjeeuk DISCLAIMER: The content in the podcast and on this webpage is not intended to constitute or be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your doctor or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have heard on the podcast or on my website.    See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
8 min
Ayurvedic Healing & Beyond
Ayurvedic Healing & Beyond
Dr Vignesh Devraj
#53 The Concept Of Dosha’s & Its Medical Perspective With Vignesh Devraj
In this episode, Dr. Vignesh Devraj is sharing one of his lectures given to a group of patients at Sitaram Beach Retreat before Covid times. As this is a recording of a live event at the open yoga hall of Sitaram Beach Retreat, kindly ignore the background sounds of birds, the ocean, and the audience clapping and talking. If you are keen to understand more about doshas, this session is just meant for you.  The topics discussed in the episode are:  - What is the meaning of the word Dosha  - Meaning of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha  - Misconceptions of Dosha  - What is Prakriti  - Why is understanding about Vikrthi more essential than Prakruthi  - Characteristics of kapha, pitta, and vata  - Difference between dry cold and wet cold  - Dosha and Gut health  - Why eating on time is necessary  - Medical aspects of Dosha in common diseases  - Panchakarma and doshas  Dr. Vignesh Devraj is available on Facebook and Instagram as @sitarambeachretreat @vigneshdevraj, respectively. For further information, kindly visit www.vigneshdevraj.com and www.sitaramretreat.com We truly hope you are enjoying our content. Want to help us shape and grow this show faster? Leave your review and subscribe to the podcast, so you’ll never miss out on any new episodes. Thanks for your support.  Disclaimer: - The content of the podcast episodes is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical procedures, consultations, diagnosis, or treatment in any manner. We strongly do not recommend using the content of these episodes as medical advice for any medical conditions for you, others, or for treating your patients.
56 min
Slo Mo: A Podcast with Mo Gawdat
Slo Mo: A Podcast with Mo Gawdat
Mo Gawdat
Dr. Donald Hoffman (Part 2) - The Brain is Fiction and Natural Selection Has Hidden the Truth of Reality
This is Part 2 of my mind-blowing conversation with  the brilliant Dr. Donald Hoffman. Donald is a full professor of cognitive science at the University of California, the author of The Case Against Reality and Visual Intelligence, and the co-author of Observer Mechanics. Within his body of work, Donald studies how our visual perception, guided by millions of years of natural selection, generates every aspect of our so-called reality. Through his research, he has discovered important clues pointing to the subjective nature of reality, which can be best understood as a set of phenomena our brain constructs to guide our behavior. In other words, we actively create everything we see, and we see what we need to see to make sense of things and survive.  This is a truly mind-blowing conversation, so get ready to work your brain and challenge your perceptions at their very most fundamental. Donald has received a Distinguished Scientific Award of the American Psychological Association for early career research into visual perception, the Rustum Roy Award of the Chopra Foundation, and the Troland Research Award of the US National Academy of Sciences.  Listen as we discuss: * The brain is just an icon, and accepting that as a neuroscientist is possible. * Brains do not exist when they're not observed, nor does anything else. * We render what we see every time we perceive it and garbage collect it. * Getting into the flow state while playing video games is like rendering a new reality. * Donald's current work on trying to find a mathematical model for conscious agents * How you can manipulate the visual cortex and movement perception with magnets * Each hemisphere of the brain has different consciousness, knowledge and worldviews. * Natural selection has hidden the truth from us. * The tools of science can be applied to something beyond spacetime - spirituality. * The role of the observer in quantum theory, and quantum theory is nothing but the algebra of space-time. Instagram: @mo_gawdat Facebook: @mo.gawdat.official Twitter: @mgawdat LinkedIn: /in/mogawdat Connect with Donald Hoffman on Twitter @donaldhoffman. Don't forget to subscribe to Slo Mo for new episodes every Monday and Thursday. Only with your help can we reach One Billion Happy #onebillionhappy.
33 min
The Gut Loving Podcast: All about IBS & the low FODMAP diet
The Gut Loving Podcast: All about IBS & the low FODMAP diet
Laura Tilt (MSc, Dietitian RD) and Huelya Akyuez (sezamee - gut loving food)
#8|Season 4 - Talking IBD, IBS, Body Image & Social Media With Dietitian Sophie Medlin
Links for this episode → Website: www.citydietitians.co.uk/ → Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sophiedietitian/ → Petition to regulate nutrition information on social media: https://www.change.org/p/matt-hancock-regulate-health-information-on-social-media Stoma accounts to follow → https://www.instagram.com/billieandersonx/ → https://www.instagram.com/mrcolitiscrohns/ ------- Background to the show Around 1 in 7 people suffer with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) globally, making it the most commonly diagnosed GI condition worldwide. ​ The Gut Loving Podcast aims to educate, empower and inform through conversations about the tools and therapies which can be used to manage the condition and it's symptoms. About this podcast: The Gut Loving podcast is hosted by Laura Tilt (an experienced Dietitian specialising in IBS and the low FODMAP diet) and Huelya Akyuez, who has lived with IBS for over 20 years. Together, Laura and Huelya started The Gut Loving Podcast to help others with IBS get clear on the facts - and learn more about how to take control of their condition. Remember: Don’t start the low FODMAP diet without consulting your doctor or low FODMAP specialised dietitian first. The content of our podcast is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. ------- Other helpful links → IBS food fact sheet: Short URL = https://bit.ly/2VAMzJJ → Laura’s blogs on IBS and gut health: https://www.lauratilt.com/blog/categories/gut-health → How can I find a FODMAP trained dietitian? You can ask your GP or gastroenterologist (gut specialist) to refer you to a registered dietitian who is trained in the low FODMAP approach. Alternatively you can book an appointment with a private practice dietitian. You can search for a private practice UK dietitian using this link: https://freelancedietitians.org/dietitians-in-private-practice/ All things Monash: → Link to patient course:https://www.monashfodmap.com/online-training/patients-course/ → Fodmap dietitians directory: Monash University https://www.monashfodmap.com/online-training/fodmap-dietitians-directory/ ------- Laura’s details Instagram: @nutritilty https://www.lauratilt.com/ hello@lauratilt.com facebook: /TiltNutrition twitter: @NutriTilty Huelya’s details: huelya.akyuez@gmail.com Huelya Akyuez (‘sezamee - my gut loving food journey’) instagram: sezamee facebook: /sezameeUK twitter: @sezameeUK YouTube: sezamee - gut loving food (or simply 'sezamee') pinterest: sezamee 000000C0 000000BB 00004083 00003FCF 000098D0 000098D0 00004784 0000475B 0000B940 0000B940
57 min
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