Geoffrey Hinton on the Exploration of Thought
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What is a thought? Some may think that question is quite abstract, but it has huge implications for science and computer design.

If we cannot define a human thought, how can we know if a computer can think? Only then can true Artificial Intelligence be achieved.

This week we speak to the “godfather of deep learning”, Professor Geoffrey Hinton, a cognitive psychologist and computer scientist. He is now an emeritus Professor at the University of Toronto, and an engineering fellow at Google.

Our wide-ranging discussion reflects on Professor Hinton’s journey into this field, his instrumental role in the deep learning revolution, and an analysis of when, if ever, computers might achieve the next level of intelligence.

Theory and Practice is a presentation of GV and Google AI.

This season we'll dive deep into the languages of life through explorations of the "dark genome", genome editing, protein folding, the future of aging, and more.

Hosted by Anthony Philippakis (Venture Partner at GV) and Alex Wiltschko (Staff Research Scientist with Google AI), Theory and Practice opens the doors to the cutting edge of biology and computer science through conversations with leaders in the field.

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