The Playbook
The Playbook
Jan 20, 2021
The #1 Investment You Should Make in 2021
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Today's episode is from a speech I gave last week and I am going to teach you the #1 investment that you need to make in 2021. If you don't invest in yourself, what are you ever going to invest in?

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The Passionate Few
The Passionate Few
Omar Elattar
How We Went From BROKE TO $2.5 BILLION Dollar Couple Success Story! (MUST WATCH INTERVIEW)
Want A Mask? Get 10% Discount On Abby & Bianca's Brand-New, Anti-Microbial Washable Masks Here: Acteev Protect PPE masks with the link below and use the code "PASSION" for an additional discount! Enjoy this POWERFUL interview with co-founders of the multi-million dollar company California Plastics, none other than Abhimanyu (Abby) Khanna and Bianca Desai! Abby comes from humble beginnings in India. After his parents divorced at the age of 3, Abby migrated from India with $200 to his name, sleeping in his car and working odd jobs to survive. He then went on to discovering and fine-tuning his sales skills, meeting the love of his life Bianca, and ultimately starting California Plastics, a multi-million dollar company that partnered with a $2 Billion dollar company supplying some of the highest quality PPE masks available on the market today! FUN FACT: Abby's wife, Bianca Desai is a famous Indian actress starring in several movies! California Plastics is a stocking distributor offering more than 20,000 varieties of specialty, engineering, and commodity thermoplastics from the industry’s leading manufacturers and global suppliers. During the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Abby and Bianca saw a need for PPE, and that is when they began sourcing masks, face shields and sanitizers to service not only their customers in the plastics industry, but also to aid and service hospitals, schools and small businesses. FOLLOW OMAR, ABBY and BIANCA ON INSTAGRAM HERE 📺 📲OMAR’S INSTAGRAM: 📺 📲ABBY'S INSTAGRAM: 📺 📲 BIANCA'S INSTAGRAM: P.S... 🤩WANNA BE INTERVIEWED ON “THE PASSIONATE FEW”⁉️ APPLY HERE: (Options for both ZOOM or IN-PERSON packages) *Plus, the EXTRA cool news is that if you’re selected for this paid package to get an interview on the show, you will ALSO be getting a bunch of content to use for building your personal brand on social media + a consultation w/ Omar + we will be feeding 5,000 - 12,000 people IN YOUR NAME through our official partnership with w/ FEEDING AMERICA! For context, FEEDING AMERICA is the largest non-profit in the country that specializes in providing donated meals to men, women & children who are food-insecure in this country in a time where people need help more than ever! 😊Pretty cool huh? Wanna learn more? Apply now & our team will circle back w/ you within 48 hours for this win-win-win opportunity!😊 As always, live strong & live with passion! - OMAR _____ HOW TO CONNECT w/ OMAR & OUR TEAM FUTHER_____ Wanna Learn The #1 Strategy To Profitably Grow Your Personal Brand OR Business Brand In 2021? JOIN "THE PASSIONATE FEW ACADEMY" (FREE) ON-DEMAND TRAINING HERE: It’s totally free and you can sign up here to be the first to get notified now👉 ***3 Ways You Can Connect w/ Omar & The Passionate Few Academy’s Team Further *** Wanna Ask Omar Your #1 Life, Business or Branding Question? 1) TEXT ME: +1 (310) 564-8140 (or join my community w/ 1-click here:! ) Wanna Be Interviewed On The Show To Share Your Story & Business (Via ZOOM or IN-PERSON)? 2) INTERVIEW APPLICATION: (P.S. If Selected, Your Interview Package Would Help Us Feed 1 Million People In Our “1 Million Meal Challenge” Partnership w/ FEEDING AMERICA. Apply For More Info.) Wanna Get 1-On-1 Consulting To Grow Your Personal Brand or Business Brand Online? 3) CONSULTING APPLICATION: (APPLY HERE FOR CONSULTING W/ OMAR’s TEAM & YOUR CUSTOMIZED CONTENT-TO-PROFIT COACHING PROGRAM)
1 hr 30 min
Empire Show
Empire Show
Bedros Keuilian & Craig Ballantyne
181. Breaking Barriers Through Adversity
In today's Inside Look episode, Bedros speaks with Steve Eckert, a US Marine, entrepreneur, husband, father, and instructor for The Project. The Project is a 75-hour self-development program for men who want to break through their limiting beliefs and level up in four critical areas of life: Faith, Fitness, Family, and Finance. As an instructor, it's Steve's responsibility to help unleash the beast inside of you and unlock your greatest potential. Bedros gets to the heart of what drives Steve, why so many men these days seem to be anxious and depressed, why doing “hard shit” is necessary for personal growth, the impact of your circle of influence, what it means to be a role model father, and so much more. Here's what you don't want to miss: 1:46 Why men must do "hard shit" to have a breakthrough and how social pressure is killing masculinity. 3:33 How the pendulum in life can swing too far to either side and create a human that's incapable of communicating or leading 5:40 The process you can go through to find you’re true capabilities and what we mean by "do hard shit" 9:55 How the decision to "break the cycle of bull shit in your life" can give you and your family a life they've never experienced 11:00 How adversity helps a man reach his higher-self and how our past has programmed us to see the world through a distorted lens 14:05 How Steve's upbringing "f**ked him up" and ultimately created his superpower that accelerated his success 14:53 How manufacturing adversity in your children will help them manage real hardship as they grow older 16:05 How disassociation can serve you well in business but negatively impact you in personal relationships 20:51 The men who've broken their cycle of vices and the common thread that ties them all together 27:38 What to expect from The Project and how negotiating with your inner voice will determine your success 30:44 How the human spirit will reject voluntarily suffering and how grateful it is after reaching the other side 32:46 How physical adversity will push someone to be truly honest with themselves 34:25 How men think differently than women and how compartmentalizing through hard shit can open your mind 38:00 The Subject Matter Experts within The Project and the intensity that lives among the team 38:58 How blood isn't necessarily thicker than water and how two unrelated people suffering together can create a bond 42:43 How being intentional in the four critical areas of life will help you create fulfillment 45:29 The first time Steve and Bredros met at Fitness Business Summit and how laser beam focus is key to success 48:00 The importance of emotionally and physically committing 100% to whatever work-life mix you're on 48:59 What it means to both Bedros and Steve to be a role model father 55:39 How a circle of influence should hold you to a higher standard and how to build a new tribe Connect with Steve Eckert Instagram Connect with Bedros Keuilian: Instagram Facebook Youtube Twitter LinkedIn Buy Man Up and get Bedros' High-Performance Leadership Course for FREE: Subscribe to My Channel for weekly videos:
1 hr 1 min
The School of Greatness Hall of Fame
The School of Greatness Hall of Fame
Lewis Howes
The Power of Movement with Ido Portal
If you follow UFC and Conor McGregor, you already know him as the man who taught Conor how to move like a monkey. But you also might already know him as a world-renowned movement teacher of all disciplines. I’ve never met someone quite like Ido Portal. He is an obsessed student of movement and the body — which means he has also become an incredible teacher. Ido started studying different kinds of movement when he was a kid, got into martial arts, and from there traveled the world for years studying as many disciplines as he could. But he couldn’t find someone who could teach him what he was looking for — how our bodies are built to move and what they are fully capable of. He became the teacher he was looking for, and over the past decade and more, he has developed a world-wide movement culture. Not only has this caught the attention of elite athletes like Conor McGregor, he has also inspired millions of people to move their bodies in new ways through his workshops and social media. I was so impressed with Ido’s wisdom, clarity, and dedication to his craft. I’ve met few teachers like him and I was so inspired to keep moving my body in new ways after this conversation. Get ready to re-define what you think your body is built for in Episode 532. In This Episode, You Will Learn:Why being a good student is a missing art (8:12)Why there is no mastery of movement (11:30)The issue behind pro athletes getting depressed when they retire (26:15)Basic stretches Ido recommends doing daily to improve your body’s functionality (39:06)The most underrated factor in quality of life (40:20)The problem with “working out” (41:25)Why the story you tell yourself is more powerful than reality (1:03:10)How to practice meditation effectively (1:09:45)Why stillness is just as important as movement (1:14:00)Plus much more… Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
1 hr 39 min
Ed Mylett
Founder of NETFLIX: Embrace Your Struggles w/ Marc Randolph
Grow like NETFLIX - The Business MASTERCLASS! You may not know his name but I can guarantee you’ve used his platform… Marc Randolph is the co-founder and founding CEO of NETFLIX. With over 200 MILLION global subscribers and his company valued at over $250 BILLION, there is no one better to teach you how to GROW and SCALE your business. Marc is a veteran Silicon Valley entrepreneur, advisor, and investor and has completely revolutionized the media industry. This interview is literally more like a business masterclass that you CAN’T afford to miss! Marc shares his insider tips on business, leadership, and life as an entrepreneur and shares his inspiring journey to finding success beyond his own comprehension. As an entrepreneur, you’ve inevitably faced rejection and people telling you how crazy your ideas are. And Marc is no different. When he began pitching NETFLIX, everyone said it would never work! Blockbuster even laughed him out of the boardroom! But in this interview, Marc shares how he turned rejection into a multi-billion dollar comeback, knocking Blockbuster out of the competition and changing the way the entire world experiences media. And this is not just about storytelling… Marc is giving away ACTIONABLE tips and sustainable strategies you can implement no matter what stage of business you are in. Marc shares the SECRET to creating a repeatable and scalable business model, how to deal with the “emotional load” of an entrepreneur, and how to find out if your business can be successful WITHOUT raising or borrowing money! PLUS Marc shares the #1 advantage small businesses have over the big guys AND how to take advantage of it. Entrepreneurship is a game of inches and we are giving you the cheat code on how to play the game to win… and it's absolutely FREE! 👉 SUBSCRIBE TO ED'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👈 → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM ▶︎ FACEBOOK ▶︎ LINKEDIN ▶︎ TWITTER ▶︎ WEBSITE
50 min
Millionaire Secrets
Millionaire Secrets
Jeff Lerner
How To Create A $14M And 200 Properties Real Estate Portfolio From Scratch? | ANTOINE MARTEL #130
If you didn’t secure multiple cash-flowing real estate properties in your teens, whilst studying at college… You have something to learn from Antoine Martel! Claim Your Free 'Millionaire Shortcut' Book Here 👉 Welcome to another episode of Millionaire Secrets! Today I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing the 25-year-old millionaire and Real Estate sensation - Antoine Martel! And let me just start by saying: If you thought that college dorm rooms were full of party-goers and teens trying to figure out how to use a washing machine for the very first time? ...You’re right (for the most part!) But Antoine has proved that not all college students are there for the ‘college lifestyle.’ Whilst Antoine was a student at Loyola Marymount University, studying Entrepreneurship, he had already secured multiple cash-flowing properties for the new family business, which evolved into what is now Martel Turnkey. A hugely successful real estate company that helps people all over the world achieve financial freedom through real estate investments. After attending multiple seminars and live training sessions with hugely successful real estate business owners, he began networking with those who were willing to show him the ropes. He even moved his day-time classes to night-time classes, so that he could spend his days absorbing as much information from real estate professionals as possible. If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is! After listening to the best in the business, and combining their methods, skills, and techniques, Antoine has figured out the exact process to securing over 120 real estate flips a year, and he’s well and truly on the way to dominating the ENTIRE real estate game. In other words, if you’re looking for a sure way to master the art of real estate in today’s unpredictable market - Antoine should be your go-to guy! Learn How To Build A $14M Real Estate Portfolio Like Antoine! Check Out More of Antoine's Content Here 👇    💻 💻  📖 A Millennial's Guide to Investing in Cash Flowing Rental Properties:  🎙️ Podcast 👉  📒  Blog  👉  ℹ️ LinkedIn 👉  📺 YT 👉  🖥️ FB 👉  ⌨️ Twitter 👉 📲 IG 👉
41 min
Dropping Bombs
Dropping Bombs
Brad Lea: CEO, Entrepreneur, and Host of The Bottom Line
Mindy & Glenn Stearns. The Original Undercover Billionaire. Episode 349 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)
Glenn is known for his unrivaled track record for turning his vision and passion into reality through hard work, determination and grit. As a serial entrepreneur, Glenn is going back to his roots and is the Founder and CEO of Kind Lending, a new mortgage banker in the industry. He is creating a collaborative environment where individual input matters and having fun is mandatory. Additionally, Glenn is the original Undercover Billionaire where he is challenged to turn $100 into $1,000,000 in 90 Days! In this episode, Brad, Glenn & Mindy lean in and discuss what hard work looks like, what integrity looks like, and what it means to truly hold yourself accountable. TONS of bombs were dropped; listen in! Learn about REAL Success at 00:00 Intro 03:36 Honorary Police officer kindred spirits 07:22 Undercover Billionaire season 1 with Glenn Stearns 11:10 The life that takes a lot of hard work & How Glenn grew up 14:51 “I became a waiter…” - Glenn Stearns 16:50 Bomb 1: Change your perspective and your mind- and anything is possible 18:26 Bomb 2: Nobody is above anyone else; everybody matters 22:26 Bomb 3: When you’re about relationships, you’re authentic and the rest takes care of itself 24:00 How the mortgage industry works 26:40 Bomb 4: When people make mistakes, you don’t have to make people feel bad- this creates loyalty, and this is how people are going to BUST their ass for you 28:50 The importance of relationships 33:20 “No is the beginning of the conversation, not the end” - Glenn Stearns 36:20 Google “2005 Glenn Stearns”- He called it 46:10 Bomb 5: The worse you speak about your past relationships, the worse it looks for you” 47:50 It starts at the top 51:30 Bomb 6: Hold yourself accountable 52:50 Shout-out to Jesse Itzler 54:10 Bomb 7: Money doesn’t buy class, it reveals who you are 01:00:48 How did Cancer happen 01:06:43 Bomb 8: Don’t give up 01:09:00 Bomb 9: The school of hard knocks 01:12:00 The power of proximity 01:13:48 Bomb 10: There are balcony people and basement people- Stay out of the basement and surround yourself with people who will lift you up 01:14:40 Follow Glenn and Mindy on social!
1 hr 15 min
The Alpha Male Coach Podcast
The Alpha Male Coach Podcast
Kevin Aillaud
Episode 129: The Story You Tell Yourself
It is good to be back brothers, and it is even better that I have you with me on this incredible journey. Let’s cut to the chase: the matrix has you. Yes, the Matrix has you. This episode marks the end of our relationship theme, but let it be said: we cannot be in life without being in relation to something or someone, and that includes the Matrix. Where am I getting at with all this? We need to first understand what that Matrix is, which is the story you tell yourself about yourself. Friends, everything begins with an individual or collective story, and from there you find the evidence to support your story with a psychological term called confirmation bias. The important work that I do is to teach my students how to write their own story, and to escape conditioning where others are writing your story for you. In this episode, I talk about how this happens, and more specifically, how you can take your power back. Just remember, it’s the story that holds everything together, and it’s that same story that manifests our effect. Brothers, only you know who you are in expression of form; not me. But listen up. I’m here to tell you that you’re a creator; the most powerful organic being on this planet. Fish breathe underwater, birds fly in the sky, and you my friend, create the world we know as reality. So when you are creating your story, your reality, and you want to change its course, you have to start with a different input to get a different output. So I’m offering you a process that is split into four parts. Number one: bringing consciousness to unconsciousness. Number two: separate the story from the facts. Number three, ask: does the story serve me? Step five: change the story. Brothers, walk beside me as we follow the steps to write the story we each deserve. Want to know more about what I do and how I can help you? Sign up for a free 45-minute session with me, and I’ll show you how this works!
23 min
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