Sue Bryce’s Former Videographer Tells us her Own Success Story - with Casey Littler
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We have a very special guest this week on the Portrait System Podcast, and it is none other than New-Zealand-based portrait photographer Casey Littler! Casey started out as Sue Bryce's videographer several years ago when Sue was just starting her business. Not only does Casey provide us with a unique insight into those formative years that led Sue to the success we all know now, but she also tells us her own success story and how learning from the best helped her to create a thriving portrait studio of her own. If you're looking to learn about two incredible women portrait photographers in one episode, then don't wait and take a listen!

Bokeh - The Photography Podcast
Bokeh - The Photography Podcast
Nathan Holritz
#456: How to Create Valuable Lead Magnets - Nina Larsen Reed
Are you offering resources that provide value to your potential clients? There are so many benefits to creating resources as lead magnets in your business. In episode 456 of the Bokeh Podcast, Nina Larsen Reed shares how you can not only create valuable leads magnets, but also use those resources in your SEO and marketing strategy. The Bokeh Podcast is brought to you by Photographer’s Edit: Custom Editing for the Professional Photographer and Miilu: The Simplest Way to Create and Manage Timelines and Shot Lists for the Events You’re Photographing. You can also subscribe to the Bokeh podcast on the Apple podcast app, follow on Spotify, add to your playlist on Stitcher, or listen on Overcast. Norway to Colorado (9:44) Brand Position: Plan and photograph ethic elopements and micro weddings across Colorado for couples who are looking to do something different for their wedding day. (11:30) Customer Experience: Clear Communication (15:23) "People only get upset if they feel confused or lied to." Technique for Time: Limit the workweek like in Norway. (20:40) Delegation/Outsourcing: Editing, Accounting, and CRM (25:04) Book Recommendation: Building a Storybrand (27:13) Resources without Lead Forms (29:53) Valuable Leads (39:24) Resources as an SEO Strategy (40:34) Booking Dream Clients (45:29) How to Create Valuable Resources (49:19) 1. Set a goal for what you’re hoping to get out of the task. 2. Put yourself in your client’s shoes—what are they searching for? 3. Write as if you’re talking to real people rather than a search engine. "Give away the why, but sell the how." Links Ben Hartley: See for privacy and opt-out information.
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The Beginner Photography Podcast
The Beginner Photography Podcast
BPP 234: Jessica Bellinger - The Humility Paradox
Jessica Bellinger is an Orlando Florida based wedding photographer and author of a new book called The Humility Paradox. Jessica had a rough start in photography that helped her to see that our life's purpose really boils down to how we treat people that are hard to love. She shares how that has affected the way her photography grew into what it is today. In This Episode You'll Learn: * [04:45] When did you know that photography was going to play a major role in your life? * [07:38] What do you think it is about photography that just makes you feel so passionate about it? * [09:35] What were the things you were shooting when you were just at home? * [11:45] Was there anything in particular that you struggled with in the beginning? * [14:26] Jessica shares that one major area of improvement so far, compared to when she started, is her editing style. * [20:19] About Jessica's book "The Humility Paradox" and her backstory  * [40:30] Who deserves to be a great photographer? * [43:06] How to contact Jessica Premium Members Also Learn: * How Humility has grown Jessicas Business * The struggle between being humble and also charging more than most photographers for your own work * An in-depth look into how Jessica uses Facebook ads to market her business Resources: * Jessica Bellinger’s Website * Jessica Bellinger’s book The Humility Paradox * Jessica Bellinger on Instagram
46 min
B&H Photography Podcast
B&H Photography Podcast
B&H Photo & Video
Malike Sidibe: Protest Photography and Zoom Portraiture
On this week’s episode of the B&H Photography Podcast, we welcome Malike Sidibe to the show. With just 23 years under his belt, Sidibe has accomplished a lot in his relatively short time on planet Earth, and not just photographically. But 2020 has been quite a busy year, even for him. His photography has generally been in the realm of editorial, fashion, and personal projects, and he has a lengthy list of clients that include Time Magazine, The Atlantic, Nikon, Nike, and The New Yorker, but this year he created a bold body of work covering the Black Lives Matter marches in New York and made a name for himself with editors shooting portraits via Zoom and FaceTime. We talk with Sidibe about how he has been able to move back and forth between these various genres of photography, concentrating the first part of the show on his experiences covering protests in Brooklyn and how his emotions brought him to the street, but his photographer’s spirit and eye enabled him to capture some of the most arresting images of the summer. We discuss shooting style, the Nikon Z 7 and lens choices, keeping gear secure, and staying safe in the midst of chaos. In addition, we talk about his process in portrait shoots through FaceTime, the iPad he used, and the tools he sent to his models and subjects for these unique collaborations. We also discuss Sidibe’s personal story of immigrating to the United States at age 13, his early struggles in school, and how NYC SALT, a high school photography program, helped him on his journey. It’s easy to recognize the talent, time, and work that Sidibe is dedicating to “making the future me happy,” but his good humor and creative love for photography are evident in this informative and lively conversation. Join us. Guest: Malike Sidibe Photograph © Malike Sidibe
55 min
The Matti & Pete Show
The Matti & Pete Show
Matti Haapoja & Peter McKinnon
Ep14 // Asking Apple Execs about iPhone Camera Secrets
The guys are joined by two Apple execs, Jon McCormack: VP Camera Software Engineering and Francesca Sweet: Product Line Manager, iPhone. We dig into the magic that goes into the Apple computational photography system from chip, to lens, to software, to all the math that happens when you press that camera button! We also ask the real hard hitting questions of if they are front pocket iPhone people or back pocket iPhone people. The results are split. The guys also pitch the idea of them getting invited to the secret lab where they create and test all the iPhone cameras. They said they’ll have to get back to us. Special Thanks / Credits Show Photo - @alenpalander Audio Guidance - @itsryanfreeman Producer - @tylerrichardwells — For Clips and Other Fun, follow: The Matti & Pete Show Instagram: Twitter: Website: Matti Haapoja Instagram: Twitter: Peter McKinnon Instagram: Twitter: — About The Matti & Pete Show From the Peaks in B.C., to the Switchbacks in Switzerland, to the Dunes in Dubai, Matti Haapoja and Peter McKinnon are two YouTuber’s at the top of their game. Together they have some of the gnarliest cinematic footage on the platform, but are now putting down their cameras and picking up the mics to talk about their day-to-day as creators, YouTube trends, entrepreneurship, and of course, gear. Oh yeah, and there will be some sweet interviews with other creators and friends too.
32 min
The Candid Frame: Conversations on Photography
The Candid Frame: Conversations on Photography
Ibarionex R. Perello
TCF Ep. 548 - Michael Clark
Michael Clark is an internationally published outdoor photographer specializing in adventure sports, travel, and landscape photography. He produces intense, raw images of athletes pushing their sports to the limit and has risked life and limb on a variety of assignments to bring back stunning images of rock climbers, mountaineers, kayakers, big-wave surfers and mountain bikers in remote locations around the world. He uses unique angles, bold colors, strong graphics and dramatic lighting to capture fleeting moments of passion, gusto, flair and bravado in the outdoors. Balancing extreme action with subtle details, striking portraits and wild landscapes, he creates images for the editorial, advertising and stock markets worldwide.  As a former physicist Michael has worked on both sides of the technical revolution – helping refine the technology and using it for his current profession. Michael has worked as a professional photographer since 1996 and added digital photography to his repertoire in 2003. While Michael still shoots some film, mostly medium format, the lion’s share of his images are now produced with high-resolution digital cameras.    Websites Michael Clark Christian Pondella Tristan Shu Brian Bielmann   Sponsor Charcoal Book Club - Sign up today   Education Resources: Momenta Photographic Workshops Creating a Personal Breakthrough Photo Workshop   Candid Frame Resources Download the free Candid Frame app for your favorite smart device. Click here to download for . Click here to download Support the work we do at The Candid Frame with contributing to our Patreon effort.  You can do this by visiting or visiting the website and clicking on the Patreon button. You can also provide a one-time donation via . You can follow Ibarionex on and .
49 min
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