TIP578: Fundamentals of Stock Investing w/ Daniel Pronk & Jake Ruth
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On today’s episode, Clay Finck is joined by Daniel Pronk and Jake Ruth to share the fundamentals of stock investing. They dive into everything they wish they knew as a beginner, the books they would read, and the biggest mistakes they would have tried to avoid.

Daniel Pronk and Jake Ruth are the founders of Stock Unlock, which is helping transform everyday people into successful investors. Daniel is also popular on YouTube, as he has over 200k subscribers on his channel. Daniel and Jake are the perfect guests for the show to help make stock investing much more approachable and easy to understand.


00:00 - Intro.

02:24 - How Daniel and Jake first got into stock investing.

05:39 - The key lessons they would teach their younger selves.

08:57 - Why compounding is so critical to understand as investors.

16:25 - Why the best investors aren’t those with the highest IQ but those with the best temperament.

26:24 - Why growth isn’t always good for a business.

33:14 - Why most investors should stick to only investing in profitable companies.

36:33 - The most common mistakes newer investors make.

36:37 - Daniel’s three criteria for investing in a business.

49:31 - Why we should be wary of companies with high dividend yields.

56:23 - How the listeners should know when they are ready to start investing.

63:58 - Why most companies are doomed to have their moat disrupted.

65:27 - What led Daniel and Jake to start Stock Unlock.

01:13:50 - Unique tools that Stock Unlock provides.

01:14:28 - What books Daniel & Jake would give to their 18-year-old selves. 

Disclaimer: Slight discrepancies in the timestamps may occur due to podcast platform differences.



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