The Bible Binge
The Bible Binge
Nov 22, 2020
Faith Adjacent: Thanksgiving
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Pull up a chair and settle into a tryptophan fever-dream as we feast on the faith adjacency of the Thanksgiving meal. We’re covering a cornucopia of topics from the creation of our national holiday and the origins of green bean casserole to the real story behind the first Thanksgiving. The truth might be messier and more complicated than our narrative of fellowship and unity, but together let's create a fuller, more inclusive table where all are welcome.



Resident Bible Scholar Erin Moon is a Bible study editor and Senior Creative/Producer at The Popcast Media Group from Birmingham. Find her on Instagram.


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We Wonder: Advent
We Wonder: Advent
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Happy Feast of the Epiphany: A Star In The Sky
Happy Feast of the Epiphany! Our reading today is Matthew 2:1-12. I wonder why the Wise Men wanted to travel to find the king of the Jews? I wonder what they said to their friends and family when they left home? And I wonder what they hoped to find? I wonder why the Wise Men were full of joy when they came to the house where Jesus and his family were staying? I wonder what they saw, and what they heard, that showed them this was the king they were looking for? I wonder how Mary felt when these strange visitors came inside to worship her son? I wonder what she thought as they unpacked their treasures and gave them to her child? The word “epiphany” means “to reveal” or “to bring forth.” An epiphany is when something that was hidden comes out for everyone to see. I wonder why Jesus’s birth was hidden and unnoticed by the people in Jerusalem? I wonder why the Wise Men, from another country and far away, were the ones who saw his star, and who found him so they could worship? I wonder if today, still, Jesus can feel hidden or hard to see? I wonder if he is sometimes in people or places I don’t expect? What do I want to say to God about that? Can I ask God right now to give me a searching heart, like the Wise Men, ready to see Jesus's glory and rejoice in his presence wherever it is revealed, even in people and places where I don’t expect to find him? O God, you hung a star in the sky. By that star, you revealed your only Son to people who were far off, and led them to his mother’s house so they could worship him. Lead us now into your presence throughout this season, and open our eyes to encounter your glory in all the places where it is hidden among us. In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.  We Wonder is written and hosted by me, Sarah Dahl; produced by Richard Clark; and engineered by Nick Thompson and Noah Kirby. To keep in touch with us and hear about future episodes and seasons, you can follow us on Instagram and Twitter @wewonderpod; you can read more about the podcast at Thanks so much for listening: happy Epiphany to you all!
18 min
The Popcast With Knox and Jamie
The Popcast With Knox and Jamie
Knox and Jamie / Wondery
385: The More You Know
In this The More You Know, we briefly reflect on our crazy accurate 2021 predictions, then move onto Armie Hammer’s alleged cannibalistic tendencies, the Olivia Wilde/Jason Sudeikis/Harry Styles love triangle, and the trailers for Supernova, Locked Down, and Malcom and Marie. Plus, the NFL was on Nickelodeon, so we share our own unconventional channel mashup ideas.  MENTIONS * We appreciate your support! Become a Friend of the Show to get Bachelor Recaps and more. * Episode 384: 2021 Predictions * Locke * Football and Concussion: Worth the Risk? Article THE BACHELOR EPISODE RECAPS We recap each episode of The Bachelor for our Friends and Best Friends of the Show on Patreon. Support at either tier gets you our weekly recaps dropped into your podcast app every Tuesday starting January 5. Go to to support the show. And thank you! GREEN LIGHTS * Jamie – Books: The Push by Ashley Audrain | Movies: Herself | Web Stuff: @sharonsaysso * Knox – Books: The Fortunate Ones by Ed Tarkington BONUS SEGMENT Our Patreon supporters at the Best Friend level (BFOTS) can get full access to this week’s Ask-Us-Anything news segment. Become a partner. SHOW SPONSORS * Truff: Get 10% off site-wide when you use promo code POP at * Rothy’s: Check out all the amazing shoes, bags and masks available right now at  * Hello Tushy: Go to to get 10% off plus free shipping. * Sweaty Betty: Go to and use our code POP at checkout to get 20% off your purchase. * ThirdLove: Go to now to find your perfect-fitting bra and get 20% off your first purchase! Subscribe to Episodes: iTunes | Android  Subscribe to our Newsletter: Follow Us: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook Support Us: Patreon | Merch
59 min
Ian Morgan Cron
Chris Cook on Finding Your True Self After Trauma (Enneagram 1) [S04-030]
I’m often asked how trauma affects your Enneagram type. The answer is: it’s complicated. Trauma is the result of an extraordinarily stressful event that shatters your sense of security and safety and makes you feel isolated and helpless in the world. It can be a one-time event or ongoing, complex trauma. Your response to trauma largely determines the type toward which you gravitate as a little child as a way of coping in the world. In today’s episode, Chris Cook opens up about his childhood trauma and how healing his broken spirit exposed his true self. We also dig into unconscious motivations, subtypes, and the inner critic. You don’t want to miss this in-depth conversation. Christopher Cook believes people should be able to live successful, meaningful lives, far above the status quo of “just getting by.” Put simply, he believes people should be able to win today. He exercises this belief as a leadership coach and business consultant to both Fortune 1000 and non-profit organizations. Additionally, he is the host of “Win Today with Christopher Cook,” a weekly podcast available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart Radio, and most other outlets. Through his work at and as a featured writer for SUCCESS Magazine, he serves as a guide to wellness-minded men and women who are eager to confidently design their roadmap to wholeness and show up each day fully-alive in their true identity.
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