How to Upgrade 2021, With Cool Tools’ Mark Frauenfelder and Kevin Kelly
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This week we're learning about the tools and tech we need to upgrade our lives in 2021. Helping us are Mark Frauenfelder and Kevin Kelly—hosts of the Cool Tools podcast and the Cool Tools blog. Listen to hear Mark and Kevin's recommendations for what to get for the best work from home experience, their favorite new tech from 2020, and what they expect the future of work to look like post-pandemic.

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Zero To Travel Podcast
Zero To Travel Podcast
Jason Moore
7 Best Places To Live Abroad w/ Tim Leffel
Have you always dreamed of living abroad? What is your biggest hurdle (besides finances)? I'm always so excited when my good friend, Tim Leffel, agrees to come back on and talk about all things ex-pat and today does not disappoint. We are getting into the nuances of living abroad, how moving overseas can dramatically change your day to day life, the financial impact of moving abroad, how moving abroad can give you more freedoms to create, Tim's best advice for finding a place that matches your interests, and who this isn't for. That last piece may be the most important if you are truly thinking about making a leap to a life abroad because Tim is offering up some compelling arguments for the types of people who maybe should NOT be spending extended time overseas. Did your dream place make the list? Did any of the places we discuss move to the top of your list and why? Let me know by sending me an audio message (please) or shoot me an email over at Tune In To Learn: * 08:45 The Silver Lining To This Disaster (Remote Working) * 10:40 Differences On Your Day To Day Life & Finances * 12:00 Best Advice For Finding The Right Place & Living Abroad * 17:05 Best Resources For The Logistical Side Of Things * 19:15 The Ex-pat Bubble: Pros & Cons * 22:45 Living Abroad Opens You To More Creativity * 24:50 Slowing Down To Be More Productive * 27:00 Why Language Learning Improves Your Experiences * 29:15 What Should You Do Prior To Arriving & What Can Wait Til After * 34:15 Living In The America's - The Best Options * 39:20 European Options For Living Abroad * 42:45 Georgia On My Mind * 44:10 Asia Locations & New Visas * 45:00 Staying Longer in Europe Following The Visa Rules * 47:45 Countries Marketing To Digital Nomads Through Visa's * 53:30 A Better Life For Half The Price * And so much more Resources: * Join Zero To Travel Premium Passport * Find Tim on his website * Follow Tim on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram * Pick up your copy of Better Life For Half The Price * Location Indie * Camp Indie Want More? * World's Cheapest Destinations Updates w/ Tim Leffel * Top 5 World's Cheapest Destinations: Part 2 w/ Tim Leffel * Everything You Need To Know About Living Abroad / Tim Leffel * Top 24 World's Cheapest Destinations 2018: Part Two w/ Tim Leffel * Top 24 World's Cheapest Destinations 2018: Part One w/ Tim Leffel
1 hr 6 min
3 Books With Neil Pasricha
3 Books With Neil Pasricha
Neil Pasricha: Bestselling Author
Chapter 73: Humble The Poet cries crusade but cautions courting controversy
3 Books is a completely insane and totally epic 15-year-long quest to uncover and discuss the 1000 most formative books in the world. Each chapter discusses the 3 most formative books of one of the world's most inspiring people. Sample guests include: Brené Brown, David Sedaris, Malcolm Gladwell, Angie Thomas, Cheryl Strayed, Rich Roll, Soyoung the Variety Store Owner, Derek the Hype Man, Kevin the Bookseller, Vishwas the Uber Driver, Roxane Gay, David Mitchell, Vivek Murthy, Mark Manson, Seth Godin, and Judy Blume. 3 Books is published on the lunar calendar with each of the 333 chapters dropped on the exact minute of every single new moon and every single full moon all the way up to 5:21 am on September 1, 2031. 3 Books is an Apple "Best Of" award-winning show and is 100% non-profit with no ads, no sponsors, no commercials, and no interruptions. 3 Books has 3 clubs including the End of the Podcast Club, the Cover to Cover Club, and the Secret Club, which operates entirely through the mail and is only accessible by calling 1-833-READ-A-LOT. Each chapter is hosted live and in-person at the guest's preferred location by Neil Pasricha, New York Times bestselling author of The Book of Awesome, The Happiness Equation, Two-Minute Mornings, etc. For more info check out: Chapter Description: Do you miss coffee shops? The clatter, the din, the pshh-pshh of the espresso machine. The cacophony of music and typing and magnetic sense of connection with strangers. I miss the belonging. I miss the community. One of my favourite coffee shops is inside the Centre for Social Innovation in downtown Toronto where 3 Bookers will remember I vowed to record a future chapter while cruising by in David Sedaris’ limo back in Chapter 18. Well, the podcast gods worked their magic and I was lucky to find myself there months later in the company of the wonderful Humble the Poet. Truth be told, I’ve kept this chapter on ice for a while since it was recorded pre-masks, pre-lockdown. I kept thinking normalcy would return and then the pandemic dragged on and on and on and I grudgingly switched to virtual recordings. But now I need that coffee shop! So here is the last live and in-person recording of 3 Books I’ve got for you for a while. (Insert tear emoji here) Do you know Humble the Poet? He’s an electric and creative polymath, rapper, poet, spoken word artist, best selling author of Unlearn and Things No One Else Can Teach Us, Lollapalooza performer, former elementary school teacher, and a wildly popular blogger at with over 100,000 readers. Oh, and did I mention more than a million people follow him across social media @humblethepoet. Perceptive, inquisitive, and putting out a vibe that captures hearts and minds, Humble defies easy stereotypes. I might even say he shatters them. We dive deep into his activism and how he develops courage to brave the wilderness and be so unafraid to challenge mainstream consensus by shedding light on Indian farmers or the Colin Kaepernicks of the world far before doing so becomes en vogue. We discuss how mainstream media preys on our biology and why controversy hooks our attention. We chat about the counterintuitive value of obscurity and how to stand out in a global village of sameness. And, of course, we discuss Humble the Poet’s 3 most formative books. I am grateful to share this conversation with this incredible human being while getting an aural dose of coffee shop community at the same time. Wherever you are right now, whatever you’re doing right now, I encourage you to flop down on the green couch beside the radiator. I’ll be in your left ear, Humble will be in your right ear, and let’s hang out. Can I get you a cappuccino? What You'll Learn: * Why should we explore and push the boundaries on unpopular stances? * How do we find the courage to stand up for injustice? * How should we pick causes to defend? * What are the tensions between science and religion? * How do we figure out what to trust? * Why is controversy not sustainable? * Why should there be no shame in liking short books? * What is the balance between authenticity and curation on social media? * What are the dangers of geolocation? * How do we stand out in a world of sameness? * How do we navigate the pull of followers on social media? * Why should we always ask before we post? You can find show notes and more information by clicking here: Leave us a voicemail. Your message may be included in a future episode: 1-833-READ-A-LOT. Sign up to receive podcast updates here:
1 hr 26 min
PodCraft | Learn the Art of Podcasting in Focussed Seasons
PodCraft | Learn the Art of Podcasting in Focussed Seasons
The Podcast Host
Finding New Listeners at the Bottom of a Pint Glass | PodCraft 1309
*Check out the full book - **Podcast Growth: How to Grow Your Podcast Audience*  Podcast-themed beer mats or coasters! This is a “helpful” way of distributing your podcast logo or branding around pubs and bars in your area. A little cardboard coaster is a useful thing in these places. They help keep the table dry, and some folks even collect them. If your design is intriguing enough, a person resting their glass on one may pull out their phone and subscribe to your podcast there and then.  *Type:* Ongoing task *Time Required: *One month from design through to creation and delivery. Ongoing strategy to distribute.  *Podcast Level:* At any time The starting point is your coaster design. What are you going to put on there to catch people’s eye?  Your podcast logo can be a good choice here, just like with stickers or magnets. But, unlike those, you have a bit more time with the person looking at your coaster. They’re also up close to it, so it doesn’t need to work in an at-a-glance sort of way.   I actually recommend getting yourself 2-4 different designs. A typical bar or pub table sits 4 people, so you can leave 4 different coasters which could even spark some discussion amongst the folks who sit there next.  Could you create one using a quote from a podcast review? Or, from yourself or an interview guest on the show? You can use humour or intrigue to make the person looking at it want to find out more. As always, it comes down to your own brand and tone, as well as your target audience.  You should always have your podcast’s name on each coaster. Get your URL on there too. Make sure the people who want to find out more, actually can.  Cardboard coasters are relatively cheap to have made. Many online printing services offer this service, and you’ll generally pick up bundles of 100 to 250 with each design.  Next comes the distribution. I use this guerrilla marketing tactic myself; I’ll shove a stack of them in my jacket pocket if I’m heading on a day out somewhere. Each time I’m in a pub, I’ll stick coasters under all of our glasses at the table. When we leave, other folks will sit there, and who knows? One might even go on to become the show’s biggest fan.  You can also harness the power of your listeners by running a competition. Ask them to take a picture of their drinks proudly sitting on your coasters when they’re out somewhere. You can run a hashtag for this so everyone can see each other’s pictures, too.  This is a fun way to market your podcast, because you never know who’s going to sit down and start studying your “ad” next. Also, it’s a great excuse to get some friends together and go for a drink one weekend!  *Task List: * * Have 2-4 different types of coaster design made.  * Use your logo, but also consider things like quotes from reviews or from the show itself.  * Remember to have the podcast name, or even a URL on them.  * Each time you’re going to be in a cafe, pub, or bar, take some with you.  * Put them under the glasses or cups on your table as you drink.  * When you leave, leave them for the next people who’ll sit there.  * Consider running listener competitions to see how many bars around the world you can get photos of your coasters “in action”.  *Further Reading:* ** *Check out the full book - **Podcast Growth: How to Grow Your Podcast Audience* Support the show (
17 min
Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast
Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast
Travis Sherry
Why We Traveled To Costa Rica During COVID
If you don't follow us on Instagram then SURPRISE we are in Costa Rica and have been for over a month and today we are talking about how we came to the decision to come down here, the preconceived notions we had about the experience during COVID, and what it is like now that we are here and have been for a few weeks. We also may drop some hints on what our plan is moving forward. Is Costa Rica on your list of must-visit places? Have you traveled at all during the pandemic? What was your experience? Let us know by tagging us in a post on Instagram at @ExtraPackofPeanuts. Today's podcast is sponsored by Oregon State University ECampus. In This Episode * 06:15 Making The Decision: What Went Into It * 10:20 What Did We Have To Do To Be Able To Travel To Costa Rica * 12:20 General Safety Precautions We Took As Well * 14:10 Fully Booked Flights: Panic Attack Material * 17:00 Feeling Safer In Costa Rica * 20:10 Why Did We Choose Costa Rica? * 23:00 What Are The Plans For Your Time In Costa Rica? * 27:10 Why Did We Record This Episode? * 30:50 Traveling With Kids During COVID Important Links * Get Your Education While Traveling at OSU E-Campus * Coronavirus Outbreak & Kids (Harvard Medical) * Want to follow our lives & adventures? Check out our Instagram's @ExtraPackOfPeanuts, @HeatherSherry, @TravelingWhitMyles, and @HaddieBean * Location Indie Want More? * The Hidden Gem That Is Uruguay w/ Karen Higgs * Guidebook Writing & The National Parks w/ James Kaiser * A Year Of Living Prayerfully w/ Jared Brock Part 2 Leave a Review! Apple Podcast reviews are one of THE most important factors for podcasts. If you enjoy the show please take a second to leave the show a review on Apple Podcasts! * Click this link: Leave a review on Apple Podcasts * Hit “View in iTunes” on the left-hand side under the picture. * Leave an honest review. * You’re awesome!
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