Jan 27, 2021
The Noble Bachelor | Sherlock Holmes
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Tonight, we’ll read “The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor” from “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes,” written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

This story describes the disappearance of Hatty, an aristocrat's bride on the day of their marriage. She participates in the wedding, but disappears from the reception.

— read by 'N' —

Bedtime Stories for Adults
Bedtime Stories for Adults
The Story Teller
I’m Nobody and Somebody and Happy – Who are You?
I’m Nobody and Somebody and Happy – Who are You? The answer may surprise you. I do hope you enjoy this week's podcast and the message I have for you.  I also have the last part of Edgar Allan Poe's The Pen and the Pendulum.  And don't miss out on information about my sponsor   Explore sponsorship opportunities and start monetizing your podcast by signing up here:  More details about my sponsor can be found during the episode. Sponsor information can be found at 15 minutes and 46 seconds in. The Pen and the Pendulum story begins at 18 minutes and 29 seconds in. And I wanted to thank my latest supporter on my podcast but as she has a unique name and I am not sure she wants me to say it on-air – so I wanted to thank her in this section.  Thank you for being so kind as to help keep this podcast running! Links you might find helpful Want to leave me a written message? Perhaps an idea for an episode?  A transcript if you are unable to listen? Want to leave me a recorded message - perhaps to air on a future episode? Where can you listen to me besides You can listen on Spotify You can listen on Apple Write me for more places you can listen :) Want to help support the show financially?  If so there are 2 ways Https://  and  TY! If other links are needed please let me know and I will add them #poe #podcast #Spotify #Apple #Google #iHeartradio #Pandora #calm #sexy #inspiration #motivational #PrincessDi #Facebook #actor #actress #nobody #somebody #marilynmonroe #hollywood #greekmythology #paparazzi #EmilyDickinson #Plato #psycholoy #mentalhealth #wellness #love #happy --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
42 min
Sleepy Time Tales
Sleepy Time Tales
David Couto
105 – Lady Audley’s Secret
The lord of the manor has a new wife, but all is not as it seems in this sleep time story A young woman sees her life change, but she seems haunted by something as someone from her past is coming home to see her. What is the mystery that surrounds the new Lady Audley, and will it turn her life upside down? Will you be awake or will you be fast asleep before you find out? Story (6:56) Find Lady Audley's Secret by M. E. Braddon Supporting Sleepy Time Tales If you would like to support my work and help keep the podcast available and for free, there are several ways you can support the show. * You can support the show as a supporter on Patreon and receive a host of bonuses including Patron only episodes and special edits * If you’re enjoying Sleepy Time Tales you can buy me a coffee over at, well,…Buy Me A Coffee at this doesn’t require any account registration on your part. * You can throw a tip in the jar at * Want to wear or decorate with Sleepy Time Tales? Check out the store and get yourself some sleepwear, pillows, phones cases or anything else you’d like * You can sign up at BetterHelp for professional, low cost counselling services at: * Treat yourself to a free audiobook to keep from Audible’s significant range, and help Sleepy Time Tales to keep the lights on and grow. Go to and sign up for a free 30-day trial. BetterHelp (sponsor) We have a new sponsor partner with BetterHelp. A low cost, secure, online therapy service. Sleepy Time Tales listeners get a 10% discount on your first month. Go to to try it out or to to learn more. Support this podcast Patreon $5 Patrons * Jess * Nicola Sharp * Wyn * Nova * Kristen B * Regan G * Jennifer D * Abby F * Karen T * Megan W * Felicity R Please Share If you’re enjoying the show, and finding it helps you sleep despite the stresses and strains of your life, the absolute best thing you can do is share it with your friends, families, acquaintances, cellmates etc. Anyone who needs a good night’s sleep might benefit. So please share it with the people in your life, whether in person or on social media. Image by Find The Show Website: Patreon: Twitter: Facebook: YouTube: Music: Music Patreon: Project Gutenberg Terms of Use Tags<
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