Yeardley Smith Uses Her Voice
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Sometimes the things that made us stand out as kids turn out to be valuable assets. Actress, podcaster, and author Yeardley Smith is best known for voicing the iconic Lisa Simpson. Her career in theater and acting goes all the way back to childhood -- but she never anticipated voice acting would be her ticket to fame, especially after being teased for having a distinctive voice. Yeardley and Carla talk about changing their own perceptions of what success looks like, leaping into new adventures, and how Yeardley started her podcast and found a new relationship. This week’s ingredient: reinvent your Thanksgiving leftovers!

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Gee Thanks, Just Bought It
Gee Thanks, Just Bought It
Forever35/Caroline Moss
Ep 61: Real Housewives of CVS with Carey O'Donnell
Sexy Unique Podcast co-host, tv writer and comedian Carey O’Donnell is here to talk about his pandemic playground (aka the CVS near his apartment building). If you’re a RHONJ or RHONY fan you will feel this episode on a deep level. If you’re not, I hope you feel it on a deep level anyway. Also, the MASSAGE FLAP, and the PREGNANCY PILLOW (not just for pregnant people!).  * Follow Gee Thanks! on Insta:! I wanna see you there! * Join the Facebook group!:  * Do you like this podcast? LEAVE A REVIEW! It’s the easiest way to support the podcast and it costs you nothing. You have my forever gratitude. * Any suggestions, comments, questions, concerns? PLEASE! EMAIL! ME! I want to hear from you! Caroline@GeeThanksJustBoughtIt.Com  Mentioned On This Episode! * Tough Sicilian Bitches:  * Naipo Massager: * “Pregnancy” Pillow (BODY PILLOW FOR EVERYONE):  Top 8 Best Selling Products in the Gee Thanks! Community in 2020! 8. The Hot Tub ($529): 7. Digit for saving: 6. Rakuten for cash back while you shop: 5. Universal Standard: 4. LED Lights: 3. Home Comforts: 2. The Revlon One Step: Annnnd: 1. The Garden Witch Overalls (Size up!): Visit for even more recs and shop the Gee Thanks! Store: As always, reach me at, @geethanksjustboughtitpod on Instagram, or leave me a message at 424-245-0736.    See for privacy and opt-out information.
1 hr 13 min
Movie Therapy with Rafer & Kristen
Movie Therapy with Rafer & Kristen
Kristen Meinzer
My Wife And I Keep Having the Same Fight
Rafer and Kristen advise one listener who keeps having the same fight over and over again with her wife, and another who’s tired of her life being up in the air. And for their What Should I Watch Next segment, they try to offer options to a listener who quickly binged all of Schitt’s Creek.  Need some Movie Therapy of your own? Submit your questions to or by filling out the contact form at You can also tweet us @raferguzman and @kristenmeinzer and join our Facebook Community at And quick favor! Our little indie show is something we pay for out of our own pockets. We've been fortunate to have a couple advertisers (yes!), but in order to get more, we need to learn a little more about you. So, please go to and take a quick, anonymous survey that will help us get to know you better. Once you’ve completed the quick survey, you can enter for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card (Terms and Conditions apply). THANK YOU SO MUCH! Huge thanks to our sponsors! Green Chef is a USDA certified organic company that makes eating well easy and affordable with plans to fit every kind of lifestyle. Go to and use code movie80 to get $80 off including free shipping. Magic Spoon is a cereal company that’s discovered a way to recreate your favorite childhood cereals with 0 sugar, 11 grams of protein, and only 3 net grams of carbs in each serving. Go to magicspoon dot com/movietherapy to grab a variety pack and be sure to use our promo code MOVIETHERAPY at checkout to get free shipping. See for privacy information.
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