Episode 157 - Ahmed Bharoocha
1 hr 33 min

Ahmed Bharoocha (Adult Swim/Comedy Central) talks about beating Brooks in a comedy competition when they were 23, carrying an old passed out woman out of a restaurant while her boob was showing, spilling trays of water all over people while being a server, and explaining how a Starburst commercial has kept the money coming for over 5 years.

Check out Dead Kevin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kf08gdYpJT8

Check out Ahmed: https://twitter.com/ahmedbharoocha?lang=en

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Sappenin’ Podcast with Sean Smith
Sappenin’ Podcast with Sean Smith
Sappenin' Podcast
EP. 105 - Atreyu (Brandon Saller & Porter McKnight)
Save Us. Inspirational, metal-core, party animals, Atreyu, are our guests on Episode 105 of Sappenin' Podcast! After two decades of voicing a whole movement, Brandon Saller and Portor McKnight join us to talk the bands new era, line up shift and hilarious road stories. Get ready to experience true secrets on their new dynamic, Alex Varkatzas departure, working on the next album, returning to John Feldmann, Brandon's decision to step away the drums, new recruit Kyle Rosa, extremely motivational situations, their touching experiences with Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell, getting actual scares from playing with Iron Maiden, their short hiatus between 2011-2014, preparing for the two day Carry The Fire live stream events, drive-in strip clubs and of course their love for Sean's brother and merch selling expert: Jay Smith! This is such a fun, wholesome and crazy conversation. We have so much love and respect for these guys, so obviously we had to get all the gossip. Turn it up and join Sean and Morgan to find out Sappenin' this week! Follow Us on Social Media: Twitter: @sappeninpod. Instagram: @sappeninpod.   Special thank you to our Sappenin' Podcast Patreons: Join the Sappenin' Podcast Community: Patreon.com/Sappenin. Kylie Wheeler, Mayumi Liwayway, Emma Barber, Mitch Perry, Shani-Maia Boxill-Anderson, Dayna Lasnover, Amandine Urbano, Janelle Caston, Drew Styles, Samantha Spray, Dilly Grimwood, Nathan Crawshaw, Kelly Young, Kelly Irwin, Johnny Phillips, Scarlet Charlton, Simon Amos, Jenni Munster, Cate Stevenson, Amy Campion, Emily Senogles, Lucy Deards, Martina McManus, Erin Howard, John&Emma, James Oakley, Louis Cook, Marcie Jacobson,, Jordan Birchard, Mike Cunningham, Jamie O'Jaime, Paddy The Magnificent, Carl Pendlebury, Kelly Emma Cannon, Livvy Cropper, Paul Hirschfield, Becky Magliocco, James McNaught, Lydia Henderson, Ricky McClurg, Amy Thomas, Scott Jones, Tallulah Grant, Stuart McNaught, Tony Michael, Jenni Robinson, Jamie Bloor, Sarah James, Michael Engler, El Douglas, Mark Hendy, Loz Sanchez, Natasha Morris, Kelly Mallery, James Bowerbank, Mikey White, Becky Handy, Kevin Clarke, Jean Davies, Cerys Andrews, Let it Flow Yoga, Rhys Bernardo, Samuel Griffiths, Liam Connolly, Jordan Harris, Kyle David Smith, James Page, Kat Bessant, Justin Dunn, Samantha Neville, Ash Foster, Gabby Byrne, Nora Pickler, Chris Harris, Scott Evans, Geoff Halbherr, Danny Eaton, Jessie Hellier, Neil Reid, Emily Dixon, David Winchurch, Kelly Tyrer, Hannah Rachael, Justine Baddeley, Anthony Matthews, Nuala Clark, Owen Davies, Angharad Richards, Samantha Bowen, Sandra Kucharczyk, Gavin Butler, Jennifer Dean, Ryan Woodman, Matt Roberts, Robert Pike, Robert Byrne, Hannah Talbot, Ida Christensen, Nicola Johnson, Rebecca Harrison, Luke Wardle, Sarah Maher, Alanágh Nic Gabhann, Lewis Sluman, Andy Saxton, Snowdogg7, Helen Macbethm, Callum Oakshott, Adam Tibbs, Alice Boyns, Joshua Ehrensperger-Lewis, Lucy Neill, Ollie Amesbury, Stevie Burke, Jacob Turner, Nathan Matheson, Katy Brewster, Thomas James, Andrew Keech, Ben Evans, Ceri Craddock, Sam Ledgerwood...   See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
1 hr 12 min
Turned Out A Punk
Turned Out A Punk
Turned Out A Punk
Episode 298 - Sam McPheeters (Author, Born Against, Wrangler Brutes)
Turned Out A Punk is dead... with excitement! On this episode, Damian is joined by the LEGEND SAM MCPHEETERS! Listen in as the two talk Sam's AWESOME new book, MUTATIONS, Born Against's record buying habits, kinda caring about bad reputations, Clevo, Power Violence, the Albany New Wave vocal style, Ginsberg opening for Underdog being Utopia & so much more! This & Sam's AMAZING new book, MUTATIONS are NOT TO BE MISSED!!! Also Touched On: in your image  Watching Fear play SNL Postcard punks A presentation on the Dead Kennedys Laurie Anderson and her "Tapeheads" violin By ’84, Hardcore is everywhere Combined Effort Albany Style The Verge are awesome Capitol the band as the inspiration for antagonization  Not liking being around drunk people The unnamed style of New Wave with over exaggerated vocals Most know fo being a victim of violent crime than being a singer in a New Wave band There is no Koro in Albany Trying to see the Beastie Boys and Murphy’s Law at Irvine Plaza No fights in Albany: Going to Chucky Cheese after shows Booking Nomeansno with Breakdown Temper tantrums in Hardcore Underdog playing Alan Ginsberg: The 6 months of NY unity Inspiration on “The Fear Of Smell” comp. Making ABC No Rio no welcoming to people that sought to destroy it by its nature Life’s Blood remaking you in their image Boycotting the first Life’s Blood show Why would you go to someone else’s band practice?!? Livin’ it up Rollins’ style in Room 666 at the 30th St. YMCA Born Against on Rev? Reading Wizard Of Oz, Leaf-blowers and other artistic failures “We are called Bad Attitude”: lying to your parents about your band “If 20 year old self came in the room right now I’d be a dead man” Integrity and Ringworm Power Violence  & OTHER GOODNESS!!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
1 hr 32 min
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